Shom'zaa of the Blood Mountain

Shom’zaa of the Blood Mountain

An ancient terror of Boradon, the principal city of the Drodarin kingdom of Bor, Shom’zaa led ranks of agarashi against the kingdoms of light. In the wars that preceded Agarash the Damned’s demise, Shom’zaa was imprisoned below Boradon in the Mountain of Andar, in a cage of granite. The rocks above his stony prison were filled with korlinium, a magical metal that served to keep the monster and his agarashi docile. Shom’zaa possessed a strange figure. His clawed body possessed a long tail as well as two hands with claws shaped in an ‘x’. Shom’zaa’s mouth was shaped in a v-formation, with razor sharp teeth. He could shoot jets of a clear, acidic liquid that killed on contact. Through a tenuous link to the Plane of Darkness, Shom’zaa could not be killed by normal means.

In the early winter of MS 5084, Prince Leomin, the heir to the throne of Bor, undertook excavations below Boradon. Digging to extract the korlinium ore, Leomin accidentally but foolishly released Shom’zaa. Excavations this deep were forbidden by dwarven lore, for fear that the Shom’zaa and its agarashi minions might be released. However, Leomin’s greed for the korlinium had unleashed the ancient entity. In five days the Shom’zaa and its minions had taken control of all of the lower levels of the kingdom. King Ryvin’s army was sorely pressed to prevent the agarashi from conquering all of Bor. This created a new urgency in the Drodarin nation and all of Northern Magnamund, for if Shom’zaa conquered Bor, Naar would have a new base for power in the middle of Magnamund. Shom’zaa’s minions were now besieging the throne chamber of Andarin, in which the fate of Bor lay. The chamber held the Throne of Andarin-a magical seat that contained a stone of power given to the Drodarin by Ishir herself. The stone allowed the dwarves to not only grow crops within Bor without sunlight but also heal their people. If the Throne were to be destroyed, famine would beset all of Bor and Shom’zaa would undoubtedly win. Both Prince Leomin and his younger brother Torfan were imprisoned in the throne chamber. Through a Xanthoal plant and the Andarin Bloodstone, King Ryvin knew that his sons and the throne were still intact, though if left unaided for any longer they would surely fall. The Grand Master vowed to travel to Bor and defeat Shom’zaa with the Sun-Crystal. Shom’zaa could not be killed by ordinary means, with the link supporting its existence, but if it came into contact with the Sun-Crystal it would be destroyed, for the creature was especially vulnerable to Old-Kingdom Magic, the magic that had incarcerated it. The New Order Grand Master managed to not only kill Shom’zaa but also raise the siege of the Throne, but not before Prince Leomin’s death.

Combat Status:

Combat Skill: 56/Endurance: 50

Before combat you must battle a Rock Golem and Shom’zaa’s minions. Shom’zaa is immune to Mindblast but not Kai-surge, and possesses no other special abilities. If dealt a lethal blow, he will regenerate. To kill him, you must make him come into contact with the Sun-Crystal.

Shom'zaa appears in Book 26, The Fall of Blood Mountain

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