Slutar, Lord of Kaag

Appears in: Captives of Kaag

Darklord Slutar was the powerful ruler of Kaag. He has no allies and many enemies amongst the other Darklords. Darklord Slutar became a pariah of the Darklands during the civil war following Zagarna's demise, and has remained so till the end of his existence. He was a great enemy of Haakon and Zagarna, especially since the fact that both of them had become Archlord when he had failed three times in a row. Slutar remained, even though he was the "traitor" of the Darklords, one of the most powerful Darklords-he was personally a very formidable fighter, and his Nadziranim were very powerful as well, though many of them had (unknowingly to Slutar) defected to Darklord Gnaag's service.

The Lord of Kaag sought to be the next Archlord, and was a powerful contender for the throne. Both Slutar and Haakon of Kaag forced all other Darklords to forfeit their claims to the throne, leaving the two of them as sole contenders for the title and the power. Slutar freed Lone Wolf, who had been abducted by Haakon of Aarnak, on the very day Haakon had decided to have him executed. Slutar feared that this show of power (Haakon having captured the nemesis of all Darklords) would cause his brothers Darklords to all support Haakon against him. Slutar also reckoned that Lone Wolf's escape would make Haakon look incapable of holding the throne. He also attempted to kidnap the warrioress Qinefer, but failed. When Slutar helped Lone Wolf escape Helgedad by using Vonotar the Traitor's Giak Carag, Haakon found out of the covert operation and forced Carag to confess. All Darklords now saw a true traitor, one who had released their greatest and most hated foe. But unlike Darklords Unc and Ghurch, the victor Haakon did not have Slutar slain. The powerful Darklord had an iron grip over the strategic fortress of Kaag, as well as many supporters in that area, and he was still a formidable foe to contend with. Kaag had already reached a high importance in early days when it proved that it was instrumental in the battles against Sommerlund and Durenor as well as when Darklord Zagarna remained at the titanic citadel.

Slutar may have been eliminated when Haakon ascended to the throne, but upon Haakon's death he jumped into the fray with renewed furor. The next civil war and fight for power gave Slutar three new opponents-including one very unexpected foe.

When Darklord Ghurch attempted to use information about the demise of Haakon and the recovery of the Book of the Magnakai to ascend to the throne, Darklord Unc, the successor to Haakon at Aarnak, opposed him. Darklord Slutar renewed his attempts for the throne whilst the, in the eyes of most other Darklords, weak Darklord Gnaag of Mozgoar used many secret operations to give him an "optimal" climate for success. Gnaag forced all other Darklords to give up their claims to the throne, as Slutar and Haakon had done years before, and instead vote for a contender. Gnaag and Slutar were each unallied-all Darklords of Helgedad allied with Ghurch whilst all other Darklords fought for Unc. Darklord Gnaag's intention was to begin a civil war, which he would end at the last possible moment, to show all others that he was the sole one fit to rule as Archlord. A civil war did erupt, as Helgedad's seven Darklords united behind Ghurch to fight against all other Darklords behind Unc. Gnaag and Slutar, having no allies to speak of, did not actively participate in this battle between Unc and Ghurch, though all of the Darklands were in chaos.

Gnaag ended the war by slaying Darklord Unc and Ghurch. With this finished the other Darklords began realizing how powerful he really was, and all sided with him against the bitter and defeated Slutar. Darklord Gnaag ascended; Darklord Slutar fell.

Darklord Slutar was perhaps not quite as tall as Gnaag, but he was much larger, so that even his powerful mount needed all its strength to bear him. His body was covered in luxurious blond fur, which whipped and snapped in the shrill wind as he urged the Zlanbeast on to even greater feats of speed, His wide mouth seemed to fill most of his face, so that the eyes were crushed up towards the corners. He had a larger pair of eyes, on at the front of eac shoulder, and these flitted fretfully from side to side, observing everything yet showing few signs of intelligence. Remaining open even when he slept, these were linked to secondary brain in his chest. He had a long and very thick coiled tail that twitched seemingly uncontrollably. Like the rest of his body it was covered in long fair hair. It was powerfully muscled: when he uncoiled it in battle, it could move as quickly as to be almost invisible, crushing his opponents on all sides. Slutar's body resembled that of an ape. Slutar's head was flat, looked very much like and had the basic form of a crocodile, the mouth being shock full of razor sharp teeth. The head was covered in blond fur, had a horn jutting out from its forhead, and had a nose like that of a dog, though the nose was flat.

Slutar throughout his reign at Kaag defiled and destroyed Zagarna's monuments, replacing them with those of his own. Very few monuments of Zagarna escaped his wrath, most notably those in the Kaag Citadel's Court of Zagarna. Slutar's many minions, including the Liganim and Nadziranim as well as Giak and Drakkarim, fight those of Zagarna to this day at Kaag. Supporters of either Darklords carry identifying relics to show their allegiance. Darklord Slutar's emblem color is orange, and his symbol a bloodied scythe.

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