Taktaal, Lord of Helgedad, Second-in-Command under Gnaag

Appears in: Masters of Darkness

Darklord Taktaal was another lord of Helgedad. The arch enemy of Darklord Ghanesh and an ally of Darklord Xog, Taktaal was a very powerful Darklord. Under Gnaag he became the most powerful Nadoknar besides the Archlord, claiming the title of second-in-command.

Darklord Taktaal possesed a frightening figure. His head was snow-white and smooth, with a mouth filled with an array of sharp, dagger like teeth. His eyes burned black, and his body was that of a snake's, covered by disease-ridden hair. Around his neck hung a necklace that held a black crystal mace, a magical weapon that Taktaal used in personal combat. Taktaal's followers, which include many Nadziranim, Liganim, and Xaghash, wear the robes of scarlet, his emblem color.

During the final Darkland War, the city of Helgedad was at its weakest defense. Every Darklord had left the Darklands to mount assaults on other nations, save Archlord Gnaag and Darklord Taktaal. Taktaal resided in the Tower of the Damned, in the Imperial Sector, like his nemesis Ghanesh. He was eventually slain by Lone Wolf when the Kai warrior traveled to Helgedad under the disguise of a Ghanesh Liganim, aided by the Slavemaster of Aarnak.

Though he was not the physically strongest Darklord, Taktaal was a very cunning and ingenuous Nadoknar. His boundaries in the Helgedad sectors are firmly established; none of his enemies dare tread in his territory, which covers a substantial part of the Black City. Gnaag chose to elevate him to second-in-command, and Taktaal made sure to remain at Helgedad, taking advantage of the situation whilst his enemy Ghanesh was in distant Lencia.

Combat Status:

Combat Skill: /Endurance:

Masters of Darkness, Magnakai Book 12

Before combat you must have a Zejar-dulaga, Helshezag, the Dagger of Vashna, or the Sommerswerd. Darklord Taktaal is armed with a crystal mace.