Unc, Lord of Aarnak

Appears in: Does not appear

A Darklord of Aarnak, Unc`s features were almost lost in the broad, gelatinous mass of his grey flesh; stubby arms and legs, as thick as tree trunks, jutted out incongruously from a torso that resembled nothing more than a squat blunted cone. At what passed for his waste he wore his lightning-spear. Unc was courageous and ruthless but not very intelligent. When Darklord Haakon was slain by Lone Wolf, Darklord Ghurch was the first to discover that the Archlord was dead. When he attempted to use this information to become the new Archlord, Darklord Unc immediately challenged his claim. Darklord Gnaag manipulated both into an election in which the Darklords would choose who, among Darklord Unc, Ghurch, Gnaag, and Slutar, was to be the new ruler. Before Gnaag seized the throne he had both Unc and Ghurch killed. Darklord Zhanshal succeeded Unc at Aarnak.

Death of a Darklord (well, actually two...)