Vashna, Lord of Helgedad, Archlord of the Darklands

Appears in: Chasm of Doom, Legacy of Vashna

Darklord Vashna was the greatest of all Darklords. The Archlord of the Darklands, Vashna was the instrument of destruction Naar used to wage war upon Northern Magnamund. Vashna waged many wars upon Aon's last unconquered realm, most notably the War of Desecration, where he bound the Drakkarim to the Darkland cause, and the Black Muster, where he prepared the Darklands for war against Sommerlund. Vashna cleared the land in much of Northern Magnamund, creating a terrible realm of decay called the Darklands. When the Sommlending appeared on Magnamund, they halted the Darkland spread. Vashna uttered an undying threat to the Sun-realm-he was determined to destroy Sommerlund once and for all. Every Archlord following him carried the same desire. Vashna finished the Black City of Helgedad, the seat of power for the Darklords, but the other eight great city-fortresses were completed by Vashna's sucessor Zagarna.

Archlord Vashna was eventually slain by King Ulnar of Sommerlund at the Battle of the Maakengorge. Vashna's soul was cast into the Maakengorge and his body destroyed and dispersed across Aon. Since his death two resurrection attempts have been made: Barraka, a Vassagonian renegade, used Vashna's Dagger and almost succeeded at resurrecting the Darklord; Archdruid Cadak, a Cener of Ruel, used a portal in an attempt to summon to Magnamund a demoness named Shamath. Shamath possessed a weapon called the Deathstaff-forged by Naar himself, the Deathstaff contained immense power, including the power to resurrect Vashna. The legacy of Vashna continues to the present day of Magnamund, for his shadow and that of the Darklords, whilst only a fraction of what it was years before, is still an ominous threat of Naar's.

Darklord Vashna towered above mortals, and he saw the world in a rainbow of different colors, each hue refracted through the prismatic facets of his eyes. A furry snout protruded from his face, as well as a helical horn that jutted from his forehead. Vashna's arms, like his snout, was covered in luxuriant fur, except for his hands, which seemed to be made of jointed metal; sharp claws of metal curved evilly backwards from each finger. He held a vast two-handed sword, half as tall again as a full-grown man and with a serrated blade that gleamed redly in the sunset. He had a long furry tail, as well as pointed ears and a mane.

Vashna also possessed an axe named Gajikago, or Carried Death. The Sommerswerd cleaved Gajikago in half when Ulnar I fought the Darklord. The Dagger of Vashna was another weapon of the Archlord-it was a twisted, evilly curved blade that spit with blue flame and was capable of resurrecting the dead lord.