Xog, Lord of Helgedad

Appears in: Masters of Darkness

Darklord Xog was a ruler of Helgedad. The vile Darklord was allied with the powerful second-in-command Darklord Taktaal as well as the Lord of Argazad, Darklord Kraagenskul. Darklord Xog was an enemy of his neighbor Darklord Ghanesh, who despised both him and Taktaal. Ghanesh tried unsuccessfully to gain power in Helgedad, but lost when Taktaal procured his title under Gnaag's sanction. Even so, Ghanesh was not expelled from the Black City and remained a thorn in both Xog's and Taktaal's sides. Darklord Kraagenskul was on good terms with Xog during the final War of the Darklands.

The intense feuding between the two Darklords continued when Darklord Xog was commanded to lead his army into the exotic land of Cloeasia. He managed to conquer the land, which was met by the approval of the Archlord.

Darklord Ghanesh also departed with his hordes to distant Lencia. Shortly before the departures of the Darklords, devices had been constructed by Nadziranim mages. These devices, the tanoz-tukor (or "strong/safety") enabled a Darklord to survive outside the Darklands. This new-found power gave the Darklords the capability to personally lead their armies to battle, and triggered the mass exodus and war. While their masters were away, though, the petty minions of the Darklords, most notably the Nadziranim, Liganim, and Xaghash fought amongst each other in their complex political intrigues.

Darklord Xog's color is green, and all of his followers wear clothing or robes of that color. During the civil war following Darklord Haakon's death Darklord Xog supported Darklord Unc of Aarnak.