Zagarna, Lord of Kaag, Archlord of the Darklands

Appears in: Fire on the Water, Captives of Kaag

Darklord Zagarna became Archlord of the Darklands after Vashna's destruction. During this time, the first civil war of the Darklands was fought as nineteen of the most powerful of Naar's champions warred amongst each other for control of the throne, the empire, and the armada. All were evenly matched, though.

Some Darklords searched for ways to break the tie. Some of them quested for the Doomstones of Agarash, very much like Sun Eagle journeyed in search of the Lorestones of Nyxator. Zagarna finally found the Naaros gems, encapsulated in the body of a dying man. Returning home with his seven trophies, Zagarna quickly ascended to power in Helgedad.

Whilst he was the Archlord of the Darklands and it was customary for an Archlord to reign at Helgedad, Zagarna remained in Kaag. During this time he amassed more forces to conquer Sommerlund, which, led by its Brotherhood of the Crystal Star and Kai Warriors, repelled the Darkland attacks easily. Zagarna built even more city-fortresses nearer to the Durncrag Mountains, to survey and begin invading Sommerlund. Shortages of weapons remained a problem throughout the massing of the Darkland armies, and Zagarna ordered that Helgedad, Aarnak, and Nadgazad continue producing more spawn in place of weaponry. Darklord Menashga and Darklord Haakon were to continue producing unreasonable warfare, weaponry, and spawned creatures. All Darklords were to unite behind the Archlord and prepare for an invasion of the Sunrealm. Zagarna also allied the Darklands in particular with the Vassagonian and Shadakine Empires.

Some time before the planned attack on Sommerlund the Brotherhood Magician Vonotar approached Zagarna, demanding a trade: that he receive the power of the black mages of Nadziranim and in return Zagarna would receive the secret of destroying the Kai. Zagarna agreed; Vonotar became a magician versed in both black and white magic, and capable of challenging even the most daunting foes. The two staged their attack on Sommerlund.

Damage from an assault on Toran, the home city of Vonotar, was quickly minimized by the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star's magic and the Brotherhood itself was saved from destruction by the elemental Alyss, who defied Vonotar and saved the Kai warrior Lone Wolf's life. Many towns and small cities fell, until finally the Kai Monastery was destroyed by the unleashed army of Zagarna. Its defenses shattered, Sommerlund's defeat seemed imminent...

Until, aided by the godlike creature Alyss, who had been created by Ishir (and was actually an "unbalance" in the world of Aon), Lone Wolf, the only surviving Kai, the warrioress Quinefer, and the Brotherhood magician Banedon returned to save their homeland. The Sommerswerd, the only non-Darkland weapon capable of slaying a Darklord, was retrieved from Durenor and Lone Wolf used its power against Zagarna. On one misty morning, the siege of Holmgard was lifted as the Sommerswerd vaporized the Darklord.

Darklord Zagarna appears as a gigantic creature, even when compared to other Darklords. He possesses the form of a lizard-like reptilian monster. Gigantic rows of sharp teeth line the corners of his two mouths, one gigantic one located in the stomach of his blue green body. His voice was quiet and bubbling, as if he spoke through a foot of water. Its quietness was all the more terrifying, bearing in mind the hugeness of his form. Standing, he was nearly twenty feet tall. His skin was scaled, and colored blue and green. The outsides of his arms and legs were studded with sharp claws, as were his hands and feet; a double row of claws ran backwards from his forehead and down his spine. From his horned face projected a massive jaw in which were set knife-sharp teeth longer than a man's hand. His incongruously pink tongue flickered in and out like that of a serpent. He also had a second jaw in the middle of his abdomen. He was in a constant state of hunger and anger which tended to cloud his judgement. He was not the most intelligent of the Darklords but few mortals would dare match wits with even Zagarna, for his savagery surpassed all. Darkland armies loyal to him carry standards emblazoned with either a long-toothed jawbone on a crimson field or a broken skull. His troops wore blue to signify their allegiance. Zagarna's emblem is that of a grinning, broken skull surrounded by a halo; his color is blue-green.

Zagarna was physically very strong, but he was one of the less intelligent Darklords. He was brutal and very barbaric.

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