I wrote this poem soon after hearing the news of Princess Diana's death. She will live forever in my memory and the memories of others who knew her better and can express themselves more eloquently. Diana, the world loved you, and so did I. This is my tribute to you.

In Memoriam Dianae

The brightest star in the sky
Gave light to her sattellites
And warmth to her people.
She shone with love and laughter
And gave the people day.
In other worlds, 'round other stars,
The other peoople saw her light
And they were glad to see a star
So beautiful, so strong.
And she was young, and no one thought
That such a star should die.
When no one saw, when people slept,
The brightest star went nova.
In a flash, her light was gone.
The planets wandered, cold and lost.
And life goes on.
And no one can say why that star
Of all the stars should die.
But what we know, and what we think
Is how much we will miss her.

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