J/C Fanfic By Michele Masterson

(PG-13) Inspired by Sue Love's "Period of Mourning," this story details B'Elanna's observations of Captain Janeway after a transporter accident claims Chakotay's life.
**A 1997 ASC award-winning story**

Part One
Part Two

The Spoils of Battle
(PG-13) A story fragment. Chakotay confronts his emotions -- both about himself and his feelings for Captain Janeway -- when he cares for Janeway after she's been in an old-fashioned fistfight.

(PG) Set in the not-so-distant future. Only days away from home, Captain Kathryn Janeway reflects on the choices she's made over the years, and how her decision regarding Commander Chakotay will affect the rest of her life.

Orange Juice
(PG) Captain Kathryn Janeway deals with homesickness, until a gesture from Commander Chakotay reminds her that home is where you are.

(PG) Kathryn Janeway is uneasy about spending an entire month in suspended animation, but finds comfort in sharing her apprehension with Chakotay -- as well as something to look forward to when she awakes.

The Instant Made Eternity
(NC-17) Set during and after "The Killing Game". Janeway, working alongside Chakotay -- who still thinks he is Captain Miller -- momentarily succumbs to her attraction to him while fighting the Hirogen. But the consequences of these actions are more severe than Janeway would have ever imagined, and she fears that she has ruined forever her relationship with her First Officer.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Negotiations and Lovesongs
(PG) Midnight musings about love, death and impossible promises -- another sleepless night in the Delta Quadrant.

(PG) A response to the 1001 sappy song challenge. Sometimes, it's just too late.