We Abduct The Intelligent Species
In This Galaxy

Watch the sky,
you are not alone...

You have enter the Sectoid Quadrant
where you will be abducted and
become our experiment subject.
We travelled the cyber-galaxy and
examine all possible intelligent species
and capture their life-force. Then
we activate a link to their home planet
using our interstellar gateway...
Come, be the subject of our studies.

You're not alone anymore.

Sectoid Analytical Page
You can search the net using this page.

Sectoid Commucation
Commucation to all of the Geocities Chatrooms.

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Cyber Link Page
Here are some Interesting and Intellegent Links

... Warp into the Sectoid Quadrant ...
or Warp to Solar System

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Your are the  species being sighted in this quadrant

To construct The Sectoid Quadrant
we abduct 2 megabytes of Geocities space

Get you own bytes free.

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