Greetings. Welcome to that which was . . . The Shadow Gallery.

The Shadow Gallery is CLOSED

Wow, I forgot I had this place.

Welcome to all that remains of my original, bustling (hah!) website. I first got into web design in the Fall of 1996 when, conforming to peer pressure, I joined many of my friends and created my own site. Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

Though active for several years, this place was never more than a glorified link site. As my web design skills advanced, I abandoned Geocities for a genuine website, The Shadow Galaxy.

Far greater than this place ever was (and infitely better designed). If you don't click on the link you'll be re-directed to it within thirty-seconds. But I think I'll keep this site around a while longer as a minor tribute to the site that started it all.

Speaking of which, if, for some reason, you have an interest in Comicbooks, you can still check out my old Comicbook website, The Shadow Galaxy of Comicbooks. Mind you, it hasn't been updated since 1998 and it looks like crap--but you never know, you may like that sort of thing.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Wait a few more seconds and my current website will begin to load.

Be seeing you.

The V for Vendetta Shrine

The Shadow Gallery of Comicbooks