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Poppycock is a band from the Bloomington Indiana area. The members are: Tom Denning singing vocals, Eric Westfall on lead guitar, Aaron Holladay on rhythm guitar, Shawn Snyder on Bass, Kyle Fulford on Drums, and Becca Strain playing cowbell and tambourine. If you want to praise or make fun of us and our music please email me at ewestfal@hotmail.com

The album is finally out! It's called Going Nutz! and anyone who wants a copy needs to email us at ewestfal@hotmail.com. They are only $10 plus $2 shipping and handling and they rock so get 'em as soon as possible.

What's New???
Updated: 3/5/99

Well, we're kind of laying low right now and we aren't doing a whole lot. We finished the recording of the album and it will hopefully be out soon. Even though soon for us means about 6 months :) It doesn't have a name yet and we still have to design the cover and jacket in lays so it won't be out too soon. The price will still be $10. We haven't had a whole lot of time to write songs or even practice so we will probably be doing this during the summer when we're all done with school.

Poppycock Collage
When is Poppycock Playing Next???

Ok, we haven't played since New Year's Eve. Our next gig will most likely be Swarmstock at Edgewood High School. I think it's somewhere around the second week in May. We'll let you know as soon as we find out for sure. We don't have anything else lined up anytime soon, so if anybody hears about anything then let us know. Also, if any other bands want to put on a show with us then let us know. We'd be happy to play with just about any band except maybe Matchbox 20.

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Special thanks to Jeremy Smith who has encoded all of our MP3 and Real Audio files and who has his own web page devoted to Poppycock. Special thanks also goes to Michael Sheppard who's scanner was used for the picture page.