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Download the latest free cool stuff on the net. Featured this month are PSP4.1, Quake and my favourite program EVER- the only POV.

Art Gallery

These are some of the pictures I created using POV. Most are pretty small to save memory but you can still get a clear idea of POV's potential.

Check ou tmy favourite links and those which I think you should visit. Warning: Don't get lost!!

Welcome to my homepage. On this page I hope to bring you some interesting links and some pages of my own. I will try to update this page frequently. Please me with any comments, links, suggestions or ideas you have. Please note that this page is always undergoing changes so be sure to bookmark this page and come back often...Thanks.

(Beware they are watching you - LOOK! There's one behind you!!)

All the truth about various cover ups and general alien info, X-Files links and more sci-fi stuff, check it out whether you're an X-Files afficionado or just surfed on in..



This page contains cool new monsters, magical items and rules. There is also the ongoing saga of our AD&D adventures with a twisted DM.


Browse through my very own collection of icons and backgrounds created using POV and PSP. Use them in your own webpages or for your desktop.

This page has some real cool cursors which I made. You should really check it out to make your desktop just a bit different.

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