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Right, now that the formalities are in order, we might as well start:

1. What is the name of the Emperor?

2. What is the name and designation of Darth Vader's flagship?

3. Darth Vader is also referred to as Lord Vader. But what kind of lord is he?

4. Only one at a time can be that kind of lord. Name at least 2 other lords, besides Lord Vader.

5. Name the Twin Moons of Bespin.

6 .Who is Droopy McCool and what is his species?

7. What is another name for electro-jabber?

8. Kessel is famous for the Spice, but how does the Kessel Mine Administration get workers for the hostile mines?

9. What is the native planet of the Krayt Dragon?

10. What do you call the wing section assembly of an X-Wing?

11. Quarren are the other intelligent native species ofMon Calamari. But what is their nickname?

12. How would you charaterize a hydrospanner?

13. These creatures are called gravel-maggots and can be found in the hills and rocky badlands of Tatooine, but what is their function?

14. Where does the almighty Sarlacc rest?

15. What does the phrase "You look like you could pull the ears off a gundark" refer to?

16. What is a gundark, anyway?

17. Who was the fourth member of Luke Skywalker's Rogue Squadron during the Battle of Hoth?

18. How does a Hutt move around?

19. What was the name of Gold Leader in the Battle of Yavin?

20. According to the Dark Empire comics, where is the new Imperial Government located?

21. Name a continent on the planet of Alderaan.

22. What is the primary function of Cloud City?

23. What is the secondary function of Cloud City?

24. What kind of armor does Boba Fett wear?

25. What was Biggs Darklighter's first assignment, after he graduated from the Imperial Academy?

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