Rei Ayanami Fanclub

Rei Ayanami International Fanclub(RAIF) is a Fanclub of Rei Ayanami who is a character of Neon Genesis Evangelion. This club is still small. We are planning to make a chat room on this webpage, and to make mambership card. If you like Rei or you are interested in Rei, Please join us!

Entrance fee:Free
Membership fee:Free

To join email your name,nickname,city,country,age,sex


If you have some question, write in the guestbook on our page.

Please write in English. If you want to use Japanese, use ROMAJI please. Our computer cannot display Japanese characters.

After becoming a member, please put this mark on your homepage if you have any. Then, please link to this club.
This is not enforcement.

Thank you.