Crew of Knight Squadron

** Attention: The Fleet, growing ever more powerful, has transfered it flag from the` Hostile to the new Bulwark Battle Cruiser Aries. We have several new additions to the fleet but have had to scrap the Sabre II, Thunder, Falcon, and Predator. The officers and crew of these ships have been moved accordingly. Also, I recently updated the crew listings and as seeing how this website is a few years old I'm sure a lot of the crew has forgotten the site or have dropped off somewhere. So, in the next few months there will be openings based on email. I want everyone who wants to continue service to email me saying so. Thanks.

Bulwark Battle Cruiser Aries (Flagship)

CO - Admiral Ethan "Black Knight" Beck
XO - RAdm. John "Ogre" Keener
LO - n/a
IO - n/a
TO - n/a

Dauntless Class Battle Cruiser Leviathon

CO - RAdm. Jeff "Thor" Seh
XO - n/a
LO - n/a
IO - n/a
TO - n/a

Dauntless Class Battle Cruiser Shiva

CO - RAdm. Rob "Psycho" Young
XO - n/a
LO - n/a
IO - n/a
TO - n/a

MC91 Mon Calamari Battleship Hostile

CO - Captain Larry "Wildcard" Rubald
XO - Commander Mike "Raven"Steuk
TO - Lt. Luke "Jediwannabe" Raymond

MC91 Mon Calamari Battleship Stalker

CO - Captain Enrico "IceTraq" Jayadi
XO - Lt. Scott "Messenger" Henson
TO - Lt. Kevin "StarShooter" Martin

MC90 Mon Calamari Heavy Cruiser Storm

CO - Commander Adam Safran
XO - Lt. Commander Bobby "Variant" Dozier
TO - Lt. Ben "Flare Star" Lappin

MC90 Mon Calamari Heavy Cruiser Fury

CO - Commander Keith "Mr. Zebra" Forman
XO - Lt. Commander Gonzalo Diaz
TO - Lt. Xorx "Spitter" Burkhard

MC90 Mon Calamari Heavy Cruiser Vengence

CO - Captain Mike "Sniper" Tokunaga
XO - Lt. Commander Andrew "Hawk"Corbett
TO - Lt. Scott "Neon Jedi" Simcox

MC80b Mon Remonda Class Cruiser Knight

CO - Commander Jarren "BOB" Micheal
XO - Lt. Commander Carl "Xaiver" Varchetti
TO - Lt. Matt "Tycho" Morrissey

MC80a Mon Calamari Cruiser Conquest

CO - Commander Will "Bulldog" Weatherford
XO - Commander Luke "Dark Heed" Genthe
TO - Lt. Mitchell "Ace" Anderson

KDY Modified Assault Frigate Antilles

CO - Lt. Commander David "Talyn" Brown
XO - Lt. Marcellus "Blade" Cooper
TO - Lt. Rudi "ID" Ball

KDY Modified Assault Frigate Krishna

CO - Lt. Commander Travis "Blade" Zuber
XO - Lt. Commander Noah "Maverick" Kuehmichel
TO - Lt. Adam "Acidburn" Green

KDY Modified Assault Frigate Chorion

CO - Lt. Commander Andrew "Saber" Anderson
XO - Lt. Commander Jeremy "Palidin" Horn
TO - Lt. Derek "Wild Card" Fitzpatrick

KDY Modified Assault Frigate Orion

CO - Lt. Commander Mathew "Tiger" Hiltz
XO - Lt. Steven "Whiplash" Randolph
TO - Lt. Mark "Ghostface Killer" Milintangkur

EF76-C KDY Nebulon-B Modified Escort Frigate Bismark

CO - Lt. Commander Andrew "Mace" Catts
XO - Lt. Dillon "Slasher" Ryan
TO - Lt. JG Jordan "Viper" Timinski

EF76-C KDY Nebulon-B Medical Frigate Sydney

CO - Lt. Commander Victoria "Maverick" Weatherford
XO - Lt. Jose "Jail" De Ramon
TO - Lt. JG Hee Won "Overkill" Birch

Modified Correllian Gunship Sword

CO - Lt. JG Chris "Spoon" Gleim
XO - Ensign Melvin "Gunner" Wallace
TO - Ensign Chris "The Holy Angel" Lund

Modified Correllian Gunship Sword II

CO - Lt. Justen "Luke" Walker
XO - LTJG Bob "Slasher" Downey
TO - Ensign Don "Slayer" Johnson

Modified Correllian Gunship Sword III

CO - Lt. Mathew "Maverick" Wreede
XO - LTJG Matt "Thunderbird" Simmonds
TO - Ensign Nick "SlipStream" Thomas

CR91 Modified Correllian Corvette NightHawk

CO - Lt. Hunter "Mirage" Beck
XO - LTJG Ian "Eagle" Bassett
TO - Ensign Alex "Cougar" Barnes

CR91 Modified Correllian Corvette NightHawk II

CO - Lt. Kevin "Dough Boy" Lively
XO - Ensign Alex "Wedge" Cullinan
TO - Ensign Max "Bat outa Hell" Broadfoot

CR91 Modified Correllian Corvette NightHawk III

CO - Lt. Darren "Corran" Macneall
XO - LTJG Land "Sky Hawk" Cruiser
TO - Ensign Daniel "Jedi Master" Davis

If you would like a position on one of these ships fill out the form bellow:

Your FULL name: 
Email Address: 
Ship you wish to serve on: 

NOTE: Positions on the Aries, Leviathon, and Shiva are meritorious. Meaning they must be earned.
ATTENTION: If you are a member of the crew and your name is posted but there is no email link in your name, I don't have your email adress. If this applies to you please email me your name, rank, ship, and email adress. Thanx.

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