Requirements for Knight Squadron

Knight Squadron is an elite group of the Rebelion, it is made up of some of the best pilots in the rebel alliance. To join you MUST meet the following requirements:

1. Must have completed the 5th TOD, and have the Talons of Hoth.
2. Must have all battle patches for every stock fighter(excluding Bwing)
3. Must have completed all levels of the maze for your choice of two fighters.
4. Must have the Daimond Eyes for Valor.
5. Must have the rank of General/Top Ace.
6. Must have a Mineracing time of 6:30 or better.

The Knight Squadron commander, Admiral Ethan "Black Knight" Beck, will place you in positon and rank according to your pilot profile. If you meet the requirements you will be placed on the Knight Squadron roster as soon a possible.

If you meet these requirements fill out the form bellow.

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Important: If you do not meet these requirments join the Knight Training Squadron(no requirments) here!