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....Welcome, welcome welcome. This is Sir Cressy Man's Page on Diving and Driving. Strange combination you may think, but not really. Without driving it is often very impossible to get to dive sites. However, that is not why i combined these two activities. I combined these two activities, because they are two of my favourite passtimes. I am a PADI Divemaster, and an amateur 4 wheel drive fanatic.
....I got into diving when i was in Australia for a holiday a while back. It was my first time in Australia (even thought i study there now), and my family and I were in Cairns. We had lots of time to kill (as it was a holiday) and so we decided to do one of those one day cruises out to the Great Barrier Reef. There the cruise was offering introductory dives to the people on the boat. At first i was not so sure, but then my dad comvinced me, and i went along. Ever since that day i have been a fanatic diver. Unfortunately now that i am studying i do not have much time to go diving at all.
....Driving, especially 4 wheel driving (4WDing) is another of my favourite ways to waste time. I don't really know why cars are so fascinating to me, but they are. I try to know as much as possible about all cars, and to tell the truth, i am succeeding at this. I recently got a 1982 Landcruiser for myself, and in the one month that i have had it i have already done about 5000 kilometers, of which a good deal are off-road. I will put up a page in which i will tell about my off-roading trips and hopefully i will often get a chance to scan photos of them as well.
....So, have a good read through my informative pages on high way and off-road cars, and take a look at what i have to say about the dive sites that i have been through. Then you can check up on my latest 4WD adventures. And then, if you really want, you can always sign my guest book.

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