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Global Solar Sun Light Pipe Line ©

Mark Allen Pitt

Zero Mass Energy

A proposal to build a pipeline to carry sunlight to light buildings, streets and tunnels ect... This will not only expand current energy resources lifetime. This will also introduce a new way of transmitting pure filtered or unfiltered sunlight throughout the world from a virtually inexhaustible source of light.

I. Pipe sunlight from at or near the north and south poles of the earth that has a Steady supply year round for about 24 hours per day at one polar region or the other.
1. Example Arctic pole about six months, Antarctic pole about six months for a 12 month calendar year.
2. The idea of starting at the poles of the earth and continuing on around the globe can be accomplished in the following ways.
a. One could build parabolic collector stations that are on line when the sun passes over head at virtually any latitude or longitude.
b. These collector stations would feed the over all grid in much the same way as the current expendable energy sources use.
c. This is accomplished from a source that will last as long as the sun shall shine.

II. To pipe sunlight into regions of the world normally lighted by the combustion of fossil fuels, nuclear and hydroelectric fuel consumption.
A. To power enclosed photo voltaic electric plants from a steady continuous source of piped in sunlight in areas of the earth normally in darkness after sunset.
1. To expand a bit on the systems in working applications I will attempt to describe this to both the layman as well as the professional.
a. The light collected is piped from parabolic collection stations then broken down into component parts of intensity of varying degrees depending on the needs of the end use.
b. Example Photo voltaic power plants require higher intensities of light than that needed for say lighting your home or office. When this piped light enters your home or office it would go through a light transformation vault that would send a portion of the light to a photo voltaic electric plant to power your appliances. Examples are dish washer, television, heating and cooling units, stove's ect... that require electricity.
B. Eventually you could replace things like stoves and ovens and other heat operating type equipment with something that operates on focused light for heat.
1. Your lamps and other lighting could be wired with fiber optical lines instead of metal wire electric current carrying lines that can be hazardous to you or your kids life if exposed of touched inadvertently say for instance a screw driver in a electric socket can kill.
a. Where as a simple touch of light emitting lines cause not much notice if any at all to your every day life.
b. You would also not need to replace the bulb by first turning off the power to the lamp and then replacing it.
c. With sun light lines you would simply change the setting for intensity by focusing the shutter switch or changing the color filter to your desired mood or likes all throughout the spectrum of the rainbow.

III. light weight internally reflective piping is as follows.
A. The piping consists of hollow plastic or metal pipe or combination of materials that can be pressurized.
1. The material inside the pipe is polished reflective materials that is evacuated then filled with something on the order of Helium Argon to boost the distance that the light can be transmitted.
a. A prime example of this is Helium Argon electric street lights are more pleasing to the eye and cover a larger area than say mercury vapor electric street lights.
b. You could verify this aspect for yourself by going out at night in just about any major city in the United States of America that use both mercury vapor electric and helium argon electric street lighting.
c. I personally have seen areas of town that use mercury vapor lights that require twice the amount of fixtures than those areas lighted using helium argon fixtures.
2. What I am proposing will eliminate the need for electric street lighting all together.

IV. This is appealing to those of you who enjoy the great outdoors and are concerned about dwindling native fish stocks proven to be damaged by the use of hydroelectric power plants.
A. This would also restore the natural flow of rivers to aid the cleansing of river bottoms and banks that occurs every spring or each time there is a heavy rain.
1. The river water carries toxins and pollutants that occur by man and natures decay down stream through biological action that is impeded by the erection dams that act as a holding area for any thing that might be in the water.
a. These holding areas intensify any pollutants or toxins by way of sedimentation in to the surrounding environment.
b. By doing away with the need for hydroelectric dams all together. You start the healing process that our Earths' ecosystem needs to support all forms of life. Be this plant, animal or human.

V. Fulfills plentiful source of steady uninterrupted sunlight to power and light systems.
A. This also fills your need for lighting your home, office, hospital, streets, public or private buildings with natures' light.
B. This also eliminates the need to replace light bulbs periodically that more time than not burn out at just the wrong time.
C. By piping natures' light into your home or where ever. You also eliminate the lights out effect of nature.
1. When a power substation is put out of business by a lightning strike or a passing animal landing on the power lines.
a. This causes the lose of power to many individuals. The poor animals life for being in entrapped in mans scenery that is not natural to their environment is also lost.

VI. User would receive fixed rate for Global Solar Sun Light Pipe Line access user fee that does not damage or pollute Earth's environment.
A. The further benefits users of this type energy system would receive is the coexistence with Earth resources.
1. This does not cause the need to invade another land or country to extract the needed elements, minerals or chemicals out from under your very home or business.
2. This also eliminates the displacement of Earth's plants or animals.
B. This further cuts down or eliminates the production of electro-magnetical pulses that are detrimental to some life forms.
1. With Global Solar Sun Light Pipe Line this need is eliminated further to the point that everything is in sealed enclosed containment.
a. If for some reason the containment device fails. The only lose is sunlight to that portion of the grid temporarily.
b. You could control this further still by placing safety shut off valves and shutters to shunt the transmission of light and gases in the lines to another part of the grid system.

VII. Solves energy consumption, waste disposal of burnt out light bulbs, lessens risk of electrical shock or completely eliminates in some applications.

Conclusion. All segments of global world energy conscience society would use the Global Solar Sun Light Pipe Line.

The Global Solar Sun Light Pipe Line was developed by observance of scientific magazines and television programs in search of replacements for dwindling supplies of fossil fuels and mounting nuclear waste. This was observed by attendance in college of various seminars on solar energy during 1978 - 1979 at Otero Junior College La Junta, Colorado USA. The answer to which came like a bolt out of the blue in the years 1990-1991 A.D.

War Is
War is the taking of another
persons life.
War is making other people fight.
War is the killing of a human life for the gain of
another piece of property.
War is forcing ones beliefs of another persons identity.
War is forcing ones identity into another persons
War is the buying or selling of a life
for involuntary servitude.
War is destroying our earths
real estate.
War is the splitting of a
child's family by court
War is coveting thy neighbors
wife for all to see.
War is seeing human suffering
from a wrongful deed.
War is the dead at your knees
in a sea of crimson blood.
War is the life of
ones unjust
War is most definitely wrong my friend as you
can plainly see from here to eternity.
Written By: Mark Allen Pitt
July 25th, 1987 A.D. of
the Gregorian calendar.

Member of Veterans Rights Now

Ladies and Gentlemen it appears Steven and Deborah Smith were in fact not snatched as stated below. They have in fact been reported to me recently to have been employed by a Company called FMC located in Portland, Oregon and have an association with an individual named D. Farnsworth.. It also has come to my attention that this D. Farnsworth for what it is worth has even at one time claimed that my web site Zero Mass Energy: The Study of Free Systems was called assumed to be his web site as per a floppy disk of web site address's of which he has labeled my site Zero Mass Energy: The Study of Free Systems as and I quote "My web site/page".. Which of course is not true in any way shape fashion or form.

I as some would say am a GREAT DEAL MORE THAN A PAWN in the scheme of things. This is a way in other words stating that the game is a foot and I basically did not believe the scenario as stated below that was reported to me in March of 1997. I was willing to play the game and wait it out to see what and if anything came my way to state otherwise.. And so goes the magnatron.

Start of untrue Statement concerning Steven and Deborah Smith:
Steven and Deborah Smith were snatched at Hagg Lake, Oregon in March, 1997 by three black helicopters containing men dressed in black carrying M-16 rifles. The person I got word about Steven and his Wife being snatched has since left the USA.
End untrue statement concerning Steven and Deborah Smith.

Start of True issues concerning the BMRG.

Steven and I had many conversations about the BMRG its use's and the fact that the National Security Agency of the USA expressed a desired interest in having the BMRG built for the express use of the NSA. In the course of conversation about the BMRG it was deeply discussed that this device could not only cure disease's, it could also induce disease as well. This brings to question of; What would a person of great financial wealth be willing to pay for the use of the BMRG, that would guarantee a cure for for things like AIDS, Ebola or other disease's that would only take one hours time or less from a device that fits inside of two good size suit case's? The answer is quite a bit. Now then turn this around a bit and ask the question of; What would happen if a politician anywhere in the World was going to disclose information or vote against the wishes of their political party and this politician needed to be discredited or die of an untraceable disease. The answer is attach the BMRG and induce the desired disease. The negative destructive aspects of the BMRG is precisely why I talked Steven into not giving the BMRG to the NSA. Steven and I hoped at the time he and I came to conclusion on the BMRG that the BMRG be used only for the positive aspect of healing and curing disease. This is why we discussed in detail the BMRG and how to best release this information to the World for positive curing use's only. I will not give the details about BMRG beyond the description as written by Steven J. Smith above to anyone for use as a weapon. The above photograph of Steven and Deborah Smith was taken about the second week of October, 1996

A further note about Steven Smith and myself. Steven and I ran a BBS called Star Dot Star BBS in the early 1990's located in Milwaukie, Oregon owned and operated by Automated Graphics Inc.. Steven Smith went by the handle Caps Lock and I Mark Allen Pitt went by the handle Scroll Lock. Star Dot Star BBS was taken off line New Years day 1996.


Biological Molecule Resonance Generator

May 15, 1996 by Steven J. Smith

Purpose: Killing Pathological Microorganisms. The Biological Molecular Resonance Generator (BMRG) radiates a complex electromagnetic signal through the entire human body, which selectively destroys the enzymes and other biological molecules unique to viruses, bacteria, amoebas, spirochetes, and other microorganisms. AIDS, Ebola, Hunta, Dengue, Plague, Cholera, Polio, Strep, Pneumonia, Staph, Syphilis, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) are some examples of the microorganisms which could be selectively destroyed inside the living human without harming the body itself.

Other Benefits: In addition to destroying pathological microorganisms, in later generations of the invention, the BMRG technology should be able to destroy defective genes, destroy cancer cells, correct the function of defective enzymes allowing the return to health for the sick and dying, and stimulate the release of toxic substances from the bodies of environmental illness victims.

Description of BMRG operation: The BMRG acts as both a diagnostic, and a treating instrument. The BMRG Skin Conduction unit is a portable system and uses 4 or more adhesive skin electrodes to send electrical current at multiple frequencies through the body. A hospital, or clinic based BMRG unit requires that the patient be placed between two large panels where an electric field comprised of multiple frequencies are passed through his(her) body.

The operator of the BMRG would control the instrument through a Windows based computer program interface. The first phase of treatment would be a diagnostic scan of the patient. Then, treatment of the patient would immediately follow. After treatment, a follow up scan would be made to determine that the treatment had been effective. A secondary treatment and retest would be administered if it was indicated.

Detailed description of BMRG operation: The first stage of the procedure is to run the machine in a Diagnosis Mode. In this phase, the body is radiated with a wide spectrum of low power currents or electric fields. The machine will measure the body's response to the frequencies, and determine the frequency vs. power absorption profile of the body. A power absorption spike at a certain frequency would indicate the presence of a molecular bond which resonates at that frequency. The frequency vs. Power Absorption profile is referred to as a frequency signature of the body. The patient's frequency signature will then be fed to a computer for analysis. A bank of disease frequency signatures will be compared with the patient's frequency signature. The disease frequency signatures will be determined using various techniques and be ready for comparison in the diagnostic phase of the BMRG operation. If a disease frequency signature is detected, the patient will be treated with selected subsets of the disease frequency signature.

Having determined the appropriate treatment frequency signature, the Treatment Phase will begin. The microbe's frequency signature is then applied to the body through the skin electrodes or via the air between the two electrodynamic panels. These frequencies will be supplied to the patient with enough power so as to destroy the biological activity of the specific molecules which are unique to the microorganism. The patient will be virtually unharmed because the power of any one frequency will be small, but the additive power associated with the multiple frequencies directed at specific molecules within this pathologic organism will be sufficient to break the conformational bonds upon which its enzymatic functionality depends.

Theory of Operation: An oscillating current or Electric field will be impressed across the human body at low power levels to diagnose, and at higher power levels to treat a person who has been infected by a microorganism. When a molecular bond's resonant frequency is impressed upon a molecule, that molecule will absorb energy from the field. Thus, it will be possible to detect the presence of certain molecular bonds by noting the coupling of the electric field with the body. This is done by various electronic detection methods.

There is a characteristic number of individual frequencies which are absorbed by the human body, and another characteristic set of frequencies which are absorbed by the enzymes, DNA, RNA, and the other macro molecules of a microbe's cellular machinery. A discovery and research phase will be needed in the development of this technology to catalogue the signatures of the numerous pathologic microbes. This library of frequency signatures will be stored in the analysis computer of the BMRG. By making a comparison between the patterns detected in the diagnosis phase of the patient scan with the microbe frequency signature library, the computer will be able to detect patterns which indicate the presence of a certain disease microbe. Thus, the BMRG will be able to make a distinction between the characteristic signature of a human body which is disease free and one which is infected.

Once the infection has been diagnosed, it is now possible to impress that set of frequencies upon the human body. The frequencies chosen are the bond resonance frequencies of the molecules which are targeted for destruction. The method by which these microbial molecules are destroyed is as follows.

Nearly every large biological macro molecule has many points which have a negative or positive electrical charge. An example of this phenomenon can be seen with common tap water, H2O, which has a partial positive electric charge on its Hydrogen atoms, and a partial negative electric charge on its Oxygen atom. Likewise, in the case of the complex biological macro molecule, there are many positive and negative sites on and within it. These sites of positive and negative electrical charge are the points which respond to the pushing and pulling of the Electric field that is impressed upon the body by the BMRG.

When the pushing and pulling of a molecular bond is applied at the resonant frequency of that bond, the Electric field energy is absorbed by that bond. With each cycle of the Electric field, the bond absorbs more energy and is deformed more. There will be some loss of energy to the surrounding molecular structure during this process, but if sufficient power is supplied to overcome the energy loss rate, the molecular bonds will be broken. Typically, the bonds holding the constituent parts of the large macro molecules together are Hydrogen bonds, and these are relatively weak bonds compared to the covalent bonds which are used in making the sequential atomic backbone of the molecule. Thus, since destruction of conformation is all that is required to inactivate the microbial metabolism, only small amounts of electrical energy, supplied at the resonant frequency of the conformational bonds which are specific to the microbe need be used. An additional effect will be utilized to focus the treatment on the desired biological molecule which will make the treatment more specific and more effective.

Therefore heat energy will be added to the molecule due to the energy absorbed by the resonant bonds, and the associated damage to the target molecule will be additive, disruptive, and de-conformationalizing.

Again, the overall strategy is that energy is applied to specific molecular bonds within the microbe, and those bonds are then broken by the kinetic (heat) energy which they have absorbed. The net effect is to break the low energy bonds which create the shape of the molecule. The molecular shape is the aspect of the biochemistry which ultimately produces the biological effect. By permanently distorting the shape of the molecule, the organism is functionally inactive, and may be cleaned up by normal immune system action.

Prior Art: The prior art for the BMRG Virus Destroyer is not very extensive. The three main references to technology of this type are the Friendly Fever or diathermy machines that were used from the 1920's to 1950's, the Rife Generator, and the science of homeopathy discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahneman in the late 1700's. It was a study of these three technologies which led to the inspiration for the BMRG technology.

The Diathermy machine was very popular in the earlier part of this century. It used radio frequences to vibrate molecules in the body, it was administered through a set of capacitive plates. The net effect was to generate an internal heat, or friendly fever in a part of the body where an infection was taking place. This was useful since the body functions at a more rapid rate when its temperature is higher. This is because metabolic processes are strongly dependent on temperature for rate of reaction. The waves used in this technology were of sufficiently low power, and non- resonant to the biological molecular bonds, that the amount of power given to any molecule was very small. The result was that the Diathermy treatment did not break molecular bonds or disturb metabolic function.

Dr. Rife built a machine 30 or more years ago which used a single electromagnetic frequency conducted through electrodes to kill viruses, bacteria, and other microbes. He used a microscope to determine the frequencies to use for killing the organisms. Currently, the technology is used by alternative health practitioners with spotty success. The frequencies of the original equipment are only approximately duplicated because the electronics of the era were poorly stabilized. Likewise, the viruses and bacteria of today have mutated from those of yesteryear, hence the frequency which Dr. Rife found to be effective in treatment may no longer be effective. Currently, clones of this device are not approved by the FDA, and there are anecdotes of them being confiscated.

Dr. Samuel Hahneman was a doctor in the 1700's who developed the theory of homeopathy. It is this science of 'like cures like' which was the third stimulus of my thinking in the development of the idea for the BMRG. Homeopathy is a medicine of resonance. Homeopathy was discovered when the following phenomenon was observed. Samuel Hahneman noticed that quinine caused the symptoms of malaria in healthy people. But, when people who were sick with malaria took quinine, they recovered from the disease. Dr. Hahneman began experimenting with this paradigm and found that it could be generalized. A substance which caused a certain set of symptoms when it was given to healthy people, would cure sick people who had those same set of symptoms. The field of classical homeopathy was founded when a large catalogue of substances which caused various symptoms was formed. When using classical homeopathy, the symptoms of the patient are matched with the substance. The medicine which is then given is often diluted to beyond-avogadro concentrations, but the remedy still produces a healing in patients.

It was this potpourri of concepts which lead me to the inspiration for this invention. Thus, the crude electronic implementation of Dr. Rife's work, combined with the idea that Homeopathy must be based upon subtle phenomenon of shape and resonance, ended with the synthesis of the concept for the BMRG. I then used my knowledge of electronics, chemistry, and biology to create the intellectual blueprint for the instrument.

Costs: The engineering expenses are projected to be around $100,000-$200,000 for the BMRG prototype. The length of research and development time, leading to a prototype should be around 8-12 months. After the initial effects are produced in eradicating the common viruses and bacteria in humans, I intend to focus on the the more pressing problem of the AIDS epidemic.

Bit of a side reference for those paying attention.
Queens Castle Pawn King Mate ;-)

The Inventor: I am 44 years old, and have to my credit a long history of invention, innovation, and breakthrough theoretical thinking. In the 1970's, I invented a number of electronic components which were later used widely in the entertainment industry. Later, I began work in the beverage dispensing industry and singlehandedly brought the company I worked for into the computer age with a "chips-up" design of a special purpose, computer con- trolled, dispensing system. I took the system through 3 generations of change, during my 10 years of service. I left the company 3 years ago to help my wife start her own business, doing computer aided drafting. I am self educated. As a child I had a natural talent for electronics, and learned electrical engineering in order to implement my ideas in the rock music industry in the late 60's and early 70's.

In the mid-seventies, I saw the handwriting on the wall, and isolated myself for a year, bought a computer for $7000, and taught myself computer pro- graming and computer design. I was able to capitalize on My early, and deep knowledge of computer design, by developing a number of special purpose processor cards for sale to users of those early desktop computers. I then applied My knowledge of computers to design the beverage dispensing systems. In the early 80's, I began an in depth study of physics when I was attempting to understand gravity and energy phenomenon. From My study, I developed a theory which can explain gravity using only electrodynamic and geometric principles. My further work in the area of particle physics has lead to a unified field theory which explains the strong force, weak force, electric force, magnetic force, and gravity in terms of electrodynamics alone. I have developed numerous other inventions and theoretical models in physics independently and in collaboration with others. I shine the brightest in solving problems where there is no clear cut direction to take between problem and solution. I do not need to be managed or directed. I'm able to operate quickly and efficiently because I'm capable of applying my wide range of expertise to a project to solve problems, develop plans, and integrate layers of complexity. I have worked in all phases of design, manufacturing, and marketing, and have shown myself to be able to bring the considerations of the market directly into the basic design phase.


BY W. J. HOOPER B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
Click here for index of pages on W. J. Hoopers work in Electric Magnetic and Gravitational Field Theory

The All-Electric Motional Electric Field Generator and its Potential

BY Frances G. Gibson

Tribute to Philip Schneider

The Tribute to Philip Schneider is a special section of my Personal Web Site dedicated to a person who was murdered shortly after he went public giving lectures on the Grey Alien and Human Battle that took place in Dulce, New Mexico 1979 of which he was one of three known survivors of. Philip also lectured on his involvement in the construction of Underground Bases, The New World Order, The real explosive device used in the World Trade Center Bombing as well as the explosives used in the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing. Philip also went public on many more subjects he was once actively working in. I must caution you the reader that what you are about to read by clicking on link to the Tribute to Philip Schneider section is absolutely true and very graphic in both size and detail. Continue to this section only if you have a desire of or can handle the information in a mature manner.

Click here for Tribute to Philip Schneider index page
Index of items pertaining to Philip Schneider

Alchemist's Formula for making Gold

This formula came from Cynthia Schneider Drayer Philip Schneider's ex-wife. I Mark Allen Pitt make no claims as to this formula actually working or not since I have not made any Gold using this formula. Please make all inquires to Cynthia as to the formula's validity.
Her email address is as follows Click here to email Cynthia Schneider Drayer

Wear rubber gloves and Gas Mask when working with this Formula to protect yourself from Mercury Poisoning.

1/4 OZ Silver Shavings 99.9% pure.

3 OZ Sulfur Powder Pharmaceutical grade.

10 OZ Cinnabar (also known as a mineral, Mercuric Sulfide, Hgs) - powder it, or 1 OZ Mercury with no traces of Gold .

1 Quartz Geode.

4 12 Volt Car Batteries.

2 Lead Copper Electrodes.

Place all shavings and powder into Quartz Geode.

Connect Car Batteries to equal 48 Volts at 3 Amps per minute.

Place Leads into powder in Quartz Geode wait 25 minutes.

Produces 1.75 OZ of Gold.

Don't get greedy, do this exactly as stated above, larger amounts at one time will produce Radioactive Gold. You can repeat the procedure to make more Gold.

Click Here for FIRE FROM THE SKY: Battle of Harvest Moon & True Story of Space Shuttles page 1 of 3

Click here for The United Nations
Universal Declaration
of Human Rights

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Click here for the details of the current global economic warfare being conducted. If you do not read or listen to anything else on this web site please do read this section and take heed of what it portrays since this is in fact very real.

Click Here for Little Green Man a special little alien on Zero Mass Energy.

Click here for Zero Mass Energy NASA Biological and Chemical Experiments page


Click here for DOD USA Government cover up page 1
Article from Disabled American Veterans Magazine about a Dark Era in America history on human experimentation dated March/April 1994.

Click here for DOD USA Government cover up page 2
6 March 1995 letter to Department of Defense Inspector General asking for Daily Logs for period of March 1, 1975 to March 14, 1975 of 43rd Ordnance Detachment Fort Knox, Kentucky USA and Letter dated March 17, 1995 from Inspector General of the Department of Defense to U.S. Army Information Systems Command.

Click here for DOD USA Government cover up page 3
March 17, 1995 letter from Inspector General Department of Defense informing me of Letter to Department of the Army also waiving all processing fees for the requested information.

Click here for DOD USA Government cover up page 4
April 4, 1995 letter from Department of the Army informing me of forwarded request to U.S. Army Forces Command and letter dated April 11, 1995 acknowledging request by Headquarters U.S. Army Forces Command.

Click here for DOD USA Government cover up page 5
April 21, 1995 letter from Forces Command informing me of request forwarded to the Pentagon which is were I started only in a different office and June 12, 1995 letter from the Pentagon stating request can not proceed without paying an estimated $150.00 for the first 2 hours and 100 pages of search.

Click here for DOD USA Government cover up page 6
July 17, 1995 letter from Pentagon and August 3, 1995 letter from Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse initiating Congressional Inquiry.

Click here for DOD USA Government cover up page 7
September 28, 1995 letter to Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse's Office and October 3, 1995 letter signed by Brigadier General Greg Gile informing me the records were possibly retired to a Federal Records Center and that I could inquire directly to them.

Click here for DOD USA Government cover up page 8
October 12, 1995 letter from Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse and October 13, 1995 letter from the Pentagon to Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse.

Click here for DOD USA Government cover up page 9
October 19, 1995 from the Pentagon signed by Lieutenant Colonel John C. Bednar to Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse.

Click here for DOD USA Government cover up page 10
October 24, 1995 letter to Washington National Records Center in Suitland, Maryland requesting records and October 25, 1995 letter from Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse.

Click here for DOD USA Government cover up page 11
October 30, 1995 letter from Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse and November 2, 1995 letter from Washington National Records Center informing me they have physical custody of retired federal records but no legal custody.

Click here for DOD USA Government cover up page 12
November 20, 1995 letter from Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse and December 21, 1995 letter from the Pentagon stating the records I was looking for were destroyed.

Click here for DOD USA Government cover up page 13
January 17 1996 letter from Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse informing me of the records I was requesting do not exist.

Click here for Operation Vampire Killer 2000 page 1
Police Against The New World Order

Click here for USA HIGH TREASON PAGE!!

Click here for Inslaw PROMIS Software Story
PROMIS equals {Prosecutors Management Information Systems} software

Click here for my USA Journal
Map of the USA with the routes and years of my travel around the USA back to 1976.

Click here for Zero Mass Energy Art Gallery Page

The formula E=mc^2 or mc^2=E also c^2/E=m can be derived counter clockwise. You can also derive the formula clockwise to state c^2m=E or E=c^2m also m/E=c^2.

Following the Yellow equals Yellow rule you have the formula E/IR horizontally thus E/I=R vertically horizontal counter clockwise and E/R=I vertically horizontal clockwise and IR=E horizontally vertical clockwise and RI=E horizontally vertical counter clockwise.

Following the Black equals Black rule you have c^2m/E horizontally thus c^2/E=m vertically horizontal counter clockwise and m/E=c^2 vertically horizontal clockwise and E=mc^2 vertically horizontal counter clockwise and E=c^2m vertically horizontal clockwise.

Please do email me your comments on the above formula's.

Click here to Email: Mark Allen Pitt

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Hardcover, 288 pages
Published by Avon Books (Trd)
Publication date: May 1997
Dimensions (in inches): 1.29 x 8.51 x 5.76
ISBN: 0380975092

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This web site is mostly in Honor of Edna Mae Marlowe Parrish Born June 13, 1903 passed to the Realm of the Spirits May 23, 1989 three months from the date of my Birthday. The parts in honor of my granmother has to do with a grand lady who served the United States Marine Corps for 20 years from 1948 to 1968 and then the State of Tennessee. She was forced to retire from her job with the State of Tennessee upon turning age 65. This was very devistating on my granmother. I have meet and spoken with many others across the USA who also have had relatives forced to retire even though they enjoyed their job and were still doing a very good job up to the point of being forced to retire. Her last Earthly words to me were on February 23, 1989 my 32nd birthday; "I wish we could go some place and talk in private!." I carry her spirit with me always.

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