As you enter, a bright blue light blinds you. When you open your eyes, you see stone steps to your left and you go down. You finish descending down and come to a long narrow hallway lit by candles. Before you proceed, you hear a noise that sounds like rain. You ignore it and continue down the hallway. Soon, you come to the end of the hallway and enter a large domelike room. You look up and see a clear dome with what looks like water falling down. You suddenly decide that the dome is under a waterfall. "How strange?" you think.
You notice doors all around the room with gems and labels on them.

Blue Enchantress
Skye Dreamer
Fire Angel
Gateway of Realms
Join the Ring Of Mystical Enchantments
Web Rings

When you look around, you see a wooden stand with a book, a blue feather pen and a jar of ink and a note:
If you signed my book before, please sign it again. Something very odd happened to my guestbook and all the entries were deleted.
Thank you, Blue Enchantress

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