United Federation of Planets:
The Rasiinian Ambassador

As played by the winner of Playmates Toys'
Design an Alien competition

This alien was the winning entry in Playmates Star Trek action figures' "Design an Alien" competition. The promise was that the winner would be put into the makeup to be an extra on Deep Space Nine.

Ambassador Runepp is a Rasiinian. His species typically have a bony exoskeleton supporting his wrinkled grey flesh.

Rasiinia's "First Contact Ambassador to the Federation" is quite well featured at the docking port in The Muse episode of Deep Space Nine, played by the winning artist himself, John Paul Lona of Scranton, PA. (Star Trek Communicator).

In December 2002, I was contacted by John Paul Lona himself who said, "I happened across your database entry today and was surprised and flattered my character not only had a mention but a couple images as well. I haven't seen the mask since I first saw it in Michael Westmore's studio. It was also the first time I'd seen a screen capture from the episode itself. I thought I'd share with you a couple more images [scroll down] taken by Paramount's photographer on set. Also included are a couple of sketches of Runepp, one in particular of his costume I drew on the lot. (When I won, I hadn't yet designed the Rasiinian's costume. I thought an 'off the rack' Starfleet uniform would be fine, but Robert Blackman insisted I complete what I had started. It was the best part of the whole experience.)"

John's original "Design an Alien"; © 1995 John Paul Lona

Runepp visits Deep Space Nine

John's sketch of the full costume, drawn on the Paramount lot; © 1996 John Paul Lona

The Rasiinian's ambassadorial robes fully realised!

Thanks so much for sharing your unique pics and memories, John!

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