by Sara Kennedy (c) 2003

Puttering around the house
Pajama clad and aimless
Nothing to do
No job to work
Letting my brains get sucked out my eyeballs by the evil black box!
Grasping at the straws of my reality-
Pleasing others?
Who is it that I admire?
Who would I like to be.
THIS! This defines my character.
I am no shallow blonde
I am no procrastinating bum
I am who You see me as-
Righteous. Humble. Repeatedly forgiven.
You make me and see me as who I really am.
Oh Lord, I struggle.
I keep thinking that Iím worthless. Ugly. Unwanted.
You remind me subtly, quietly,
Until someday I will not need to be reminded
Someday I will know instinctively
Just because I stuck by your side-
And you made your reality MY reality.
Thank you.

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