Ode to a Knife

by Sara Kennedy

A sharp blade
of a knife
reveals consiousness
down a golden path
of thought.
Watching the bleeding juices,
tomatoes split by my
axe-murderer slice,
another massacre
of salad.

The soft, delicate blade
severs a chord
between me
and my source.
The hot knife slips
through thoughts
melting butter dreams.
The guillotine disconnects
tears running away from onions.
Spread my toast thinly
carving my lover's name in it's trunk,
silver scrapes
of a dentist,
carving up our turkey
in an unimaginable feast.

An unexpected package
cleaved open
a shaved head glinting,
playing, and amusing
the sunlight.
Curved, domed head of a newborn,
conceived in steel,
sharpened by knowledge,
aged by rust
orange-red and dying.

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