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Lady Lola's Faerie Page

Many people are willing and even longing to believe in the existence of faires. The Little People are so bound up with happy memories of childhood that they are recalled with delight as part of a less materialistic world. But, to most of us, they stand as a lost illusion. Not so with everyone, fortunately. For I, amongst others, have seen all kinds of fairies for as long as I can remember and I still see them daily. By seeing, I mean that they are as much outside me as trees, and are seen just as objectively.

Why do not most people see fairies? They live in the same world as we do, but their bodies are less dense than ours, thought only slightly less dense than a tenuous gas. I feel sure that the veil between us and them is exceedingly thin-so thin that nearly anyone could penetrate it with a little effort along the right line. A special senses must be awakened in people if they are to see fairies. The kinda world fairies live in does not affect our ordinary senses directly. They cannot be touched, or felt, yet they can certainly be seen.

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The earth on which we live is peopled with delightful, charming and joyous beings. Our gardens, the forest, the mountains~everywhere around us~ are peopled by them, and so we live in a world where everything is thrilling with a sense of being alive. If we ourselves could fully realize it, we should have the true secret of eternal youth.

These are some on my sources of information on faeries


A Small Book of FAIRIES........Eugene Stiles

FAERIES........................Brian Froud & Alan Lee

Just a glimps of Fairy Lola and her Mortal Man ~ traveling the world in wonderment and awe!

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