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By losin'it



Welcome to my Highlander Site.   I am losin'it MacWow (Ursa's Guardian Angel) an fael) in denial. The original name of my site was Duncan and Richie's Story...lets just say I got carried away.   The Raven Photo Gallery has been renamed to Highlander the Raven. 

The keys to navigating my site are my guides and watcher buttons . When you see a it means that section of the area  is complete, conversely a means it's started with more to come.

It is very difficult to accommodate all browsers that are in use.

I've tried to keep the formatting of this site simple for this reason. If you have any problems...e-mail me.

This is a visual site...expect long download times. You will find special watcher buttons that lead to surprises. Remember,  watcher buttons are links.

You may use anything on this site, BUT not for profit. Please include a disclaimer  giving credit to those who inspired the whole thing.

If you have to hear from you. Guest Book located after menu, or yahoo box at top will let you communicate with me.

Because the Highlander Universe is so large and growing this site will be under construction forever.



To start your visit,  click on the watcher button to go to my INTRO page. This is the page that contains info about todays Highlander's Universe happenings.  There you will also  find how this site came to be and disclaimers (giving people who deserve the credit for Highlander Universe credit and much thanks).

NEWS UP DATE 03/21/00



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