Welcome to Club Zoom - where we serve up genre favorites with a twist.

Our newest feature is almost ready to go. Check out The Victorola and see what's coming. Soon you'll be able to download some mood music to read by.

Or just explore the Stardust room - where aspiring authors run amok. Or slouch down to the Cafe where cool cats and chicks wail on the latest hip reads.

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Cafe Musa * The Stardust Room * The Swizzle Stick * The Victorola

The 7th Heaven * Cyberia Cafe and Club * The Management


*Why Club Zoom? A 'zoom' is a scifi-inspired, supercharged cocktail made popular during the late 1940's. They're powerful, unpredictable and eclectic. You're likely to find unusual alcoholic bedfellows making time in cocktail glasses - blending disparate elements into an interesting and enjoyable elixir. Rather (we hope) like this site.