This is me, Known as

Redheaded Songbird

Redheaded Vixen


Magenta Cat

Because of some of the limitations of dating sites to get photos approved in a timely manner,

I have taken it upon myself to make this little website.

I am a singer, veteran, student and mommy.  I am tattooed.  Don't like it, leave.  LOL

I find humor in the strangest things and think that life is best lived with laughter.

My music tastes are varied but I love Heavy Metal.  Not into Rap or Hip Hop but can handle Country.

I am on the right.

Pictured: Cathi, Brian, and me.

This was our last modeling gig together.

I love black and white photography,

but will never have my hair that short again.

I am on the right again

Pictured: Andrea, Cathi, and me.

New Years Eve, we were bad that night.  LOL


I have tattoos.

I am not ashamed of them!

This tattoo is my own design. 

I took several different symbols

and blended them.

It represents a search.

It was done by Dave of Dave's Tattoos

In Killeen, TX after much arguing of placement

and ascetics.



My dagger was done by Dave

of Dave's Tattoos in Killeen, TX.

It represents that I will never be


Again Dave and I argued but came to

a mutual agreement.

My dolphin band was done by

Bush at Otherside Tattoos in

Harker Heights, TX.

I am always playful.

I have to thank Bush for talking me

into the placement, size and colors of

this tattoo.  I get a lot of compliments on it.



I'm part Irish enough said.

and this little one needs a touch up.



My very first tattoo and the one that taught me to

be careful who I choose as my artist.

Looks like a my pretty pony and the

horn is backwards on the Unicorn.


My works in Clay, Yes, I am a sculpture in Clay.  These are from my current study and are unfinished.

The pictures are very rough, I am working on getting a better digital camera.

Butterfly Mask

Child's face

the face is cracked and broken because childhood is not with out trials and heartache.

If only that wasn't true.  <sigh>

Phantom Mask

My take on it

Bowl and plate

Woman's Face

no eye details

The Promise!

First free standing sculpture using clay as a medium.