Note added 12 September 1999

This page is now defunct. No-one featured here has contacted me in months regarding updating their wants or offers, mainly because most business seems to have moved to the pkdtraders list at onelist (see link below) so I suggest any newcomers follow the link and read some of the archive there. I'll leave up the details and e-mail addresses provided by those who have posted to this page but note that they will no longer be updated. My wants list is, of course, bang up to date ;-)

The idea of this page is to give those who want to trade PKD stuff a wider choice of items than I can offer. Also it would be nice if fellow Dick fans and collectors would use this page to contact each other. If you would like to be included please e-mail me (my address is below) with a list of what you are after, what, if anything you have to offer, your e-mail address and the URL of any PKD related site that you maintain. Please be as detailed as you need to be if you are after a certain edition which must be of a certain condition. Sending me such a mail contracts you to keep in touch with me each time your list needs updating.

Please feel free to browse...

Traders trade at their own risk!

Please check out Bob Wardzinski's wants and offers at
"The Talking Dead"
which is a great resource for PKD and SF via mail order...

First off then, I can offer...

Star Science Fiction Stories No. 3, edited by Frederik Pohl
Contains original appearance of Foster, You're Dead
Ballantine, F675, first paperback edition, second printing.
Nice Cover, VG+ condition

Le Maitre du Haut Chateau
French edition of '...High Castle'
Editions J'ai Lu 567, 2-227-12567-9
Translator: Jacques Parsons. Fine condition.

Le Zappeur de Mondes
French edition of 'The Zap Gun' Le Livre de Poche, 30/7089/3
Translator: Raymond Albeck. VG condition

Le Message de Frolix 8
French edition of 'Our Friends From Frolix 8'
Le Masque Science Fiction, 52/5296/0
Translator: Robert Louit. Water stain on top of last few pages, otherwise GVG condition

I also have a growing collection of interesting photocopiable memorabilia.
(including the Ubik screenplay, Kindred Blood in Kensington Gore etc.)
Please inquire if interested.

Finally, I will part with items not on the above list if it is in exchange for something I am really interested in.
See my 'wants list' page...

More details on any of these items available on request.

For what I'm after check out my detailed 'wants list'

Contact me at:

Email :

Nadia Markalova (a.k.a Hope) is after...

The following books in English (second hand copies are fine):

Solar Lottery
The Man Who Japed
The Cosmic Puppets
The World Jones Made
Dr Futurity
Puttering About In A Small Land
The Man Whose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike
Confessions of a Crap Artist
In Milton Lumky Territory
Humpty Dumpty In Oakland
Clans Of The Alphane Moon
Martian Time-Slip
The Unteleported Man
The Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch
The Ganymede Takeover
Now Wait For Last Year
A Maze Of Death
We Can Build You

Nadia can offer...

Almost any PKD title in Russian. Please visit her website Solaris
where she has put up several scans of covers and illustrations from Russian editions.
Also it is well worth your while checking out Nadia's paintings inspired by the work of PKD
which are currently hanging in the fan art section of my site's gallery

Email :

Jody Kerr is after...

Any first edition PKD books, in at least near-mint condition
except Radio Free Albemuth and the Ace Double of The Unteleported Man (unless it's Mint)

Jody can offer...

Contact her directly to arrange a deal

Email :

Zaraus Des is after...

A Handful of Darkness
Dr. Futurity
The Man Whose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike
Humpty Dumpty in Oakland
The Book of Philip K. Dick

Zaraus can offer...

The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch
The Simulacra
Mary and the Giant
Deus Irae

Contact Zaraus at:

Email :

Pete Fenelon is after...

Gather Yourselves Together
The Crack In Space
Dr Futurity

Pete can offer...

The Man in the High Castle (Penguin Classic SF edition)
and possibly the short story collections
(all UK paperbacks):
The Golden Man
The Preserving Machine
I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon
The Variable Man

Contact Pete at:

Email :

Simon Russell is after...

Selected Letters (any except 1938-71)
Science Fiction Eye #2
The Last Testament by Greg Rickman
Any textbooks/critiques on PKD

Simon can offer...

Solar Lottery (Arrow pb 87)
Eye in the Sky (Arrow pb 79)
Deus Irae (Readers' Union/SF Bookclub hb 78)
Deus Irae (Sphere pb 82)
3 Stigmata (Voyager/Waterstones Bookshops pb 96 - "Limited Edition"
(of how many I don't know) with 2-page intro by Fay Weldon)
Lots of PKD copiable stuff
(inc audio tape of BBC2 documentary A Day in the Afterlife,
Take Them to the Garden, Phil's Ubik screenplay etc)

Contact Simon at:

Email :

Also, please check out Simon's excellent painting inspired by
'The Man Who Japed' and let him know what you think!

Willis Howard is after...

Hardback editions of:
The Simulacra
The Penultimate Truth

Willis can offer...

Contact him directly to arrange a deal

Email :

Cal Godot is after...

Hardback editions of:
The Man in the High Castle
Any signed PKD books, memoribilia, collectibles etc.

Cal can offer...

Contact him directly

Email :

Carey Wilson is after...

Vulcan's Hammer
The Man Who Japed

Carey can offer...

Contact him directly

Email :

Jeff Young is after...

New Worlds, #90 (Jan 1960)
The Man Who Japed, Magnum Hardback or Paperback
The Man Whose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike, Paladin 08563-7 8-86
World of Chance, Panther 785, 2-59

Jeff can offer...

What do you want? ;-)

Email :

Damon (aka RW Galt) is after...

Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said
The Zap Gun
The World Jones Made
The Man Who Japed

Damon can offer...

Radio Free Albemuth
The Man in the High Castle
Counter Clock World
(all paperbacks)

Email :

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