(formerly known as British Knightess)

greetings to a/All that visit this site. a girl knows that m/Many keep up with her progress quite frequently so she feels she must explain that things have changed greatly for this girl in the past few days...this once Mistress has been made slave.


there was a Mistress...

there was a girl who was Mistress, her name British Knightess, in another time, another life

there was a girl who encountered many slaves, seeing them as from the point of a Mistress, in another world ,another life, and was not content with her own

she could see the slaves were truly devoted and willingly served, in another world,another life, but she was not fulfilled

she watched them, played with them, demanded their devotions, in another world, another life, she envied them

she protected them, used them, loved them and saw their fulfillment, in another world,another life, how she envied them

there was a girl who encountered many but was not happy, in that other world, that other life, she searched

there was a Mistress who was confused and unfulfilled in another world, another life, and still she searched

she wandered far and long, not knowing for what she searched in another world, another life, until she was found

there was a death, in another world, the Mistress had died

there was a birth in a new world, a new life a kajira was born, proud, beautiful in her womanhood

there was a birth in Gor a kajira was born, to serve her Master, to rejoice in his pleasures

there was a birth in Gor... a kajira was born, in her slavery, she is glorious, a true woman

there is a girl who is kajira.. in her world, a magnificent world, a world of fulfillment

there is a girl who is kajira.. in her world, the world of the kajira

the Mistress is dead..this girl, this kajira named poalu{Inmak} lives

an original poem by mirax{PKTw} edited for this page by poalu {Inmak}

...now there is poalu {Inmak}

read the story of how Master Inmak kolarred a girl


visit the homepage of this girl's Master Inmak

links this girl visits...

the Fantasy Castle with it's many rooms of Gor and other themes too

the Steel Dawn one of the rooms in Fantasy Castle where this girl visits often with her Master

come and visit the Steel Dawn's Homepage with loads of information about the slaves and Patron's as well as information about Gor

a few of her sister's pages with tons of information on them as well...

bronze~kandle{SD}'s space

hope {SDFG~K}'s space

mischief~maker{G} and her Master's Chamber

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this page was last updated on October 4, 1998.

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