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This is the gateway to the Blackstone Inn, full of stories of sword and sorcery as well as myth and magic. Choose either frames or non-frames depending on what browser you are using.

UPDATE: Still alive and kicking. Haven't used the website in a while. I am going to either re-do the site or move it to another domain hopefully soon. Frames are "so 90's". *grin* I doubt anyone still looks here but if you do you can drop me a line at gawin@hotmail.com and tell me how you found this place after all these years. (7/4/04)

News to all my "Fans" ;): I have posted a *new* story, albeit a short story, entitled "Memoir of a Monster", hot off the press so come and read it. I also have another story hoping to see the light of day soon. (FYI I know that the site needs a little maintenence and I am looking into that soon as well as trying to get Lady Poetry to contribute some more soon.) Thanks for stopping by and have a good day/evening. (6/13/00)

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