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Original Art

  • Original Characters - Created for the purposes of the Character Monthly Artist's eXchange (CMAX), it lists most of Ukchan's original character. Includes sample images, descriptions, and full bios (where availible).
  • Character Exchange - This page includes the results of artist exchange's (like MCX, CMAX, or RHCC) that Ukchan has been in.
  • Ukchan's Elfwood Gallery - Link goes Zone, link to Fanart and Lothlorian are there
  • Cavalier's Elfwood Gallery - Link goes Zone, link to Fanart is there
  • Straight Away!- Cavalier's (Artemis Prime) Transformers site. Includes both original and fan art by Cavalier. The fan section is for her Transformers obsession, containing both art and an in-depth, fanfiction universe spanning from the original series (G1) to its modern day spin-offs, Beast Wars (Beasties) and Beast Machines.
  • The Art Gallery - Cavalier and Ukchan's artwork, from Gargoyles, to anime, to Transformers, and more! Holds all of our older (early 2000 and before) artwork.

Anime/ Comic Related

  • Beyond the Mists - Ukchan's Gundam Wing Fan Archive. What do you get when you cross werewolves, vampires, witches, and a bunch of dangerous young mobile suit pilots? Something very intriguing...
  • CoN; Children of Nerima - An online RPG with different vision of the furture of Nerima.NEW SITE!!!
  • - Yakumo Fujii. Ryouga Hibiki. Inu-Yasha. Van Fanel. Yamato Ishida. Duo Maxwell. What do these guys have in common? They're all members of the Ring. Mini-Shrines In to go to the Ring hub.
  • Mercedes' LIAC - Mercedes (Ukchan) has adopted four characters from the Live-In-Anime-Character adoption agency. Check it out! Includes bios and pictures, plus a link to the agency.
  • The Official-Unofficial Mighty Mutanimals Homepage-A Mighty Mutanimanls/TMNT fansite, run by Cavalier. Includes MM artwork, and the beginnings of a fanfiction series, plus character bios and original scans from the short-run comic series. On hold indefinately.


  • Links - Website links that didn't fit in any of the other sections.
  • Webrings - Rings that we're members of. Includes cliques, too. Warning: Image Heavy.
  • The Champion Eternal Fanfiction Ring - A webring run by Cavalier. For those sites with fanfiction universes that focus on the Champion Eternal theories founded by Michael Moorcock, author and song-writer [Closed indefinately]

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