The Realm of Kiva Sulderus

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The Realm of Kiva Sulderus

Welcome to the Realm of Kiva. Here you will find a few interesting links, my Xena Fan Fiction page and a little bit about me, Kiva.

My interest in the past years has been the show Xena: Warrior Princess. Not only because it was a great show but because of the elements in the show that I have interests in, swords and armour. It is sad that after six seasons it had to end. I can be found in the Xena Hardcore Nutball Chat room and Pub almost everyday.

  • My-Tvchat featuring the Xena Hardcore Nutball Chatroom and Pub!
  • Sign on and come visit. There you will find a diverse assortmant of interesting Xenites. My interests have been noted by the people in the Pub as well, aquiring my work in chain and leather. Below you will find links to pictures of a small sample of the items I have made for people in the Pub.

    I have over 200 knives and 6 swords. I make knives and chainmaille, work leather and wood. I have been fascinated by the medieval period for as long as I can remember. Weapons, armour and just the way of life in general. I started making knives when I was 16 and began collecting swords the second year I went to the Michigan Ren Faire. I have worked at the Michigan Ren Fair for nine years now at my dream job, selling the swords I now collect.

    Small picture of my work. The shirt is 48,000 links.
    The Dagger is 440C with a brass guard, bronze pommel and Pink Ivory handle.
    Click the picture for a larger version showing more detail.

    Another sample of my work.
    More large blades.
    Smaller blades.

  • Hardcore Nutball Links.
  • Xena type bracers, lace up with chainmaille.
  • Ladies chainmaille half-shirt.
  • Xena type bracers with chainmaille.

  • Hardcore Nutball ICQ list.

  • Corvopease, Ravenkai's Homepage
  • Proud Warrioress ROC Tribute Page
  • TOM'S XENA PAGE! (featured in Yahoo! magazine's top 25 show biz sites on the NET!!!)
  • UltimateTV featuring the Xena Hardcore Nutball Chatroom and Pub!
  • Jetthead: The Xenite Club (fans of Xena:Warrior Princess)
  • Lucy Lawless Net Central
  • The Offical Site of Wendy!
  • Chainmaille Fashion (The best chain work I have ever seen!)
  • Sunshyn's Making Comfortable Armor page
  • The Arador Armour Library
  • A fellow Geocities Resident (Who has common interests). Steve's Home Page.

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