Zoicite's Autobiography!!

One's Dark Life Peaks To Our World And Shows Its Head!!

Zoicite was the third General From the everknown Dark Kingdom. He is also the Most Popular of the Four Generals. He was Trained by Kunzite and together they were an item. In the Japanese version Zoicite was a male Character, in the US-Dub, he was fortunately Changed into a female. This is a difference that really shouldn't have been done. The reason this has occured is because the US society is not Mature enough to face the fact that two men can be a couple and that they can be accepted for what they are. Zoicite had a Malice Character with no Life Thought.

Zoicite Conjuring the Crystal From Crane Machine Joe!!His mission was to collect the 7 rainbow crystals to create the ginzuishou. The 7 Crystals are the 7 Shadow Warriors of the Dark Kingdom who were Reborn in Humans. He used The Dark Crystal To Conjure the Crystal from Humans who never knew they possesed the crystal deep within their flesh. He did succeed in this, as a matter of face he was the most successful general. He attacked Game Machine Joe, the first rainbow crystal carrier, in the middle of a crowded restaurant! Talk about some way of starting your mission. He had a terrible animosity for everyone but especially Nephritee and Tuxedo Kamen. When Nephrite was the General in command, collecting energy for Queen Beryl he often tried to make him look uncertain and unsure in front of Queen Beryl. He usually always succeeded. Just when Nephrite thought he was getting close to getting the Silver Imperium Crystal Zoicite followed him and prevented him from accomplishing his Mission. Zoicite Of course Ended up sending Three sisters to Rid of Nephrite and they Destroyed him. Jadeite and Nephrite had disguises. Zoicite however had no Secret Identity of whatsoever he only disguised himself as Sailormoon once to accomplish a plan. He went without any caution and did what he desired.

Kunzite and Zoicite had plans to Overthrow Queen Beryl and they were going to Rule the Negaverse together. In his last few appearances Zoicite was Going insane trying to Destroy Tudedo Kamen. He used a Ice Shard to hurt Tuxedo Kamen. Of course as All Other people Zoicite had a perversity, he was choleric (Quick Tempered) and that cost him his life. Zoicite Created a Fire Ball and threw it on Tuxedo Kamen and Sailormoon This almost annihilated both of them. Queen Beryl strictly informed Zoicite that she wanted Tuxedo Kamen alive and as a retribution from Queen Beryl to Zoicite for not Following her Rules was his life. He died in in the arms of his lover Kunzite. Zoicite's last words to Kunzite "I want to Die Pretty"!!

In the Manga Zoicite isn't really evil. He was actually in love with the soldier Sailormercury until he became curious about the Dark Kingdom, then he was brainwashed. In the manga there's no Sexual relationship between Kunzite and Zoicite. In the End he gets exterminated by Sailormercury.

Name: Zoicite,Zoisite

Sex: Male/Japan. Female/Dic!!

Age: Around 20 yrs!!

Birthdate: October 30 (Scorpio)

Eye Color: Green!!

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde!!

Likes: Italian Food,Kunzite!!

Dislikes: Everyone and Everything but Kunzite!!

Zoicite's Powers:

Zoicite Was Fast,Tricky and Smart. He was also very Athletic and liked to float around. Zoicite is relatively a Weak General, he was the Second Weakest. Jadeite However was the Weakest. He has this Power where He throws his Flower Petals but they turn into these Icy spikes and Strike the enemy!! I personally like that Power!!

Zoicite Creating a Fireball!! Zoicite Blowing Strong Flower Petals Zoi !!

Throwing a Fire Ball at Tuxedo Kamen!! Zoicite Using His Ice Spike On Tuxedo Kamen!!

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