DJ Thor's Electric Hellfire

est 3252001. Black Metal, True Hardcore, Gundams, Anime, Arachnids, and hards knocks.

The School of Hard Knocks
if you think you can survive in the real world and life is fun and easy you are stupid. you will struggle and life will be hard. it is not fun and you will realize everyone is just a number. money is a necessity, save it. eat less food, one time a day is plenty. someday you will fall into a work routine, and living will become a job. don't quit your job. stay in school, study like it is your job... because it is, you'll have plenty of time for slave labor after high school so have fun, but be good.


  I use Numark 1510 belt driven turntables, a numark 4 track mixer, and a few trade secret inputs. I mix gabber beats and dark hardcore, so far i've made a bunch of tapes but only my friends have them. my enochian insanity was recently lost in a bad reformatting incident. check out DJ Demonixx. Big shout out to Skyehigh Syracuse, and the whole skyehigh crew. without skyehigh it would be harder for me to get my records.

Black Metal Links

"your future hell" -skinny puppy "the process"

Magic: The Gathering Information

My old magic site may still get a facelift (who knows when). As a Magic Guru, i plan on starting a program in my home city to help new players (my friends) and get us all to play in a tournament (at least i hope).