1. 100 years: Cop: No telling what's been breading down there in the last hundred years
  2. Accept: Mulder: How much more apparent does it have to become for you to except it?
  3. Accident: Skully: Are you certain it was an accident?
  4. Alter Dreams: Mulder: So it's actuly possible to alter someone's dreams? Skully: In theory yes
  5. Amazing: Skully: Mulder this is AMAZING!!!
  6. Answer: Skully: What happens if he's already dead? Mulder: He'll have a tough time answering my questions
  7. Any Clue?: Mulder:Any clue what this is about? Skinner: I have no idea
  8. Back: Skully: Will you at least let me go with you? Mulder: No Skully: Look i know what youre thinking but you have to get past that we both do, I'm back and i'm not going anywhere
  9. Back In: Guy: Don't you wanna live for ever?{pause} Not if draw string pants come back into style
  10. BELIEVE!: Mulder: Alright what do ya wanna know Guy: Just the truth{pause} ya know there are things you're not telling me that i nedd to know Mulder it's just that my ideas aren't always that popular Guy: I told you i wanna believe but i need a place to start
  11. Beyond: Government Guy: This reach is beyond any of us Mr.Mulder
  12. Before Trust: Mulder:Before i could only trust myself but now i can trust you
  13. Bite: Mulder: Did he bite you? Skully: No, but he tried to
  14. Calmdown: Guy: Calm down skully Skully: Don't tell me to calm down i'm not gonna calm down until i can talk to somone that will listen to what i'm saying.
  15. Certain: Skully: How can you be so certain?
  16. Controlled experiment: Mulder: I thinks this area is being subjected to a controlled experiment
  17. Connection: I'm sorry Mulder i'm seeing the pieces but i'm not seeing the connection
  18. Conventional: Skully: Conventional investigation of these cases may decrease the rate of success
  19. Created: Mulder: You know they say that 3 species disappear of the planet every day you wonder how many new ones are being created
  20. Crusade: Cancer/Smoke Man:Kill mulder and you risk sending one man's religion into a crusade
  21. Deal What: Mulder:Hopefully that will give us an idea of whatever it is were dealing with
  22. Don't Give: Skuly: Don't give up
  23. Don't Touch: Mulder: Don't touch that red button!
  24. Don't Trust: Skully: I don't trust you
  25. Don't Start: Mulder: Don't start with that tired krap don't start diverting blame!!!
  26. Earth 2: Nerd: You look down Mulder i'll tell you what your welcome to come down saturday night were all hoping on the internet to nit pik the scientific inacuracy's of earth 2 Mulder: I'm doing my laundry
  27. Encounter: (Music)
  28. E.T.: Lady: Agent Skully what you are looking at exists nowhere in nature it would have to be by definition Extraterestrial
  29. Evidence: Skully: But during the X-Files you've seen so much Mulder: well that's just the point seeing is not enough i should have something to hold on to some solid evidence
  30. Gillian: Speaker: Gillian Anderson{clap}
  31. Hypothesis: Based on the preliminary data i've come to the following hypothesis
  32. I was you: Guy: I used to be you i used to be where you are know but you're not me Mulder i don't think you have the heart.
  33. Monkey Pee Skully: Alright Mulder but if this is Monkey Pee your on your own
  34. Truth: Guy: The truth is still out there and it's never been more dangerous
  35. Mulder FBI: Mulder: My name's Mulder i'm with the F.B.I.
  36. Mulder Skully: Skully: Mulder it's Skully
  37. Mulder: Skully: Mulder
  38. Open X: Skinner: Ther's only one thing i can do Agent Mulder as of now i'm reopening the X-Files
  39. Piss Off: Mulder: You know for a holy man you've got quite a knack for pissing people off
  40. Player: Cancer/Smoke Man: I have more respect for you Mulder your becoming a player
  41. Pokehole: Skully: It must be nice not having someone questioning your every move poking holes in all your theories Mulder: ohhh yeah it's great i'm surprised i put up with it for so long
  42. Ready: Mulder: I don't hink it's a good idea for you to go Skully Mulder i appreciate your concern but i'm ready i wanna work Mulder: Well maybe you should take some time off Skully: I've already lost to much time
  43. Sacred: Skully: You know i've always held science as sacred i've always put my trust in the accepted facts and what i saw last night for the first time in my life i don't know what to believe Mulder: Well whatever it is you do believe Skully when you walk into that room nothing sacres will hold
  44. Screw: Skully: I don't know who you are i know nothing about you Guy: Oh for god's sake don't screw this up
  45. Sit Mulder: Cancer/Smoke Man: If your having trouble sitting on Agent Mulder Assistant Director Skinner i'm sure you know we'd have no trouble
  46. Spooky: Lady: Are you okay Agent Skully you kind of sounded a little spooky
  47. Threaten: Cancer/Smoke Man: Don't try and threaten me Mulder i've watched Presidents die
  48. Trust No One: Hugh Throd said "trusr no one" that's hard skully suspecting everyone, everything it were's you down even begin to doubt what you know is the truth
  49. Wonder: Skully: I was wondering when you'd get to that
  50. You Know: You know sometimes it justget's harder to smile through it when they ask you to bend down and grab your ankles you know
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