Spike's Harem

Ain't he gorgeous?!

Okay, a quick explanation as to the origin of this site.

Once upon a time, in a far away land (All right so it was just last week in Sunnydale.) there lived a big, old, leather-clad, well-muscled, gorgeous, hunk-of-bad-boy vampire named Spike. Now since Spike first appeared in the sleepy little town of Sunnydale, California, he's developed quite a female following. These women have banded together. And formed --

Spike's Harem

This site is an attempt to gather all those who follow the Master (not the one from first season, we mean Spike). So if you're a lover of the Master (we mean Spike, again.) join your fellow haremites (is that a word?) and enter The Tent.

Table o' Contents

Join  -- So you wanna join the Harem?

Mission Statement -- What we're all about

Spike -- Learn of the Master's History

Gallery -- Come see the Master in all his glory -- Members only

Sounds -- Listen to the Master's words of wisdom -- Members Only

Links -- worship the Master in other places.

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