Resistance is Futile
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Captian's Log,STARDATE 02/00-I HAVE BEEN ASSIMILATED! WE ARE THE BORG. YOU WILL BE ASIMILATED RESISTANCE IS FUTILE, YOU WILL BECOME ONE WITH THE BORG. As you can see from my picture, The assimilation procedure is quite painful, However, now I know when someone else in the collective is thinking ugly thoughts of me. So, I guess you can say Borg implants have their Pros and Cons. Heh heh Well, Enjoy my links to the BorgNET.

STAR TREK Does anyone want to play Star Fleet Acadamy online sometime? Let me know. Also I'd like to play Command and conquer also so email me at the bottom of this page.WELCOME TO BORGSPACE, The Site devoted to Star Trek and The Mysterious and Dangerous BORG. Check out the Women of Trek Page I have Some Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine,Triciary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01). Check out my Trivia Page too. If you would like a Borgspace Newsletter, Please click the Email icon and send me a email that says "BORGSPACE" in Haeding bar, and 'subscribe' in the message bar. This is the First Web Site I have ever created, Where TomasART was Born. Right Here. Recently I have added alot of New Stuff!! NEW!!! We have a CHAT ROOM installed on This Deck...Also- A Singles Boardroom. CHECK OUT my Archives page... I have LINKS that stretch across The entire Alpha Quadrant.On this Page you will find my tribute to the crew of DS-9, and the Sad farewell We all must pay to them. I have included The Latest Addition to the DS-9 crew for the Last (7th) season, Nicole deBoer plays a new StarFleet Officer to the Station, carrying the Dax Symbiant. The Character, Ezri Dax is the First Newcomer to the Station since Starfleet took over ...

COMING SOON! Updates for the Next Movie, The New Series, And Voyager: The Final Season! Well, gotta KICK IT on so as they say on the Cardassian Home World.....well I don't really know...So Chow,C-ya,Partying on garth,Hasta La'Vista,Good bye,Kaplah',and LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!!

UPDATED: 9/30/2000

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