Yoda wisdomWelcome to the Inner Asylum, which is currently undergoing an extensive revamp. We will be keeping the same science fiction content, though the site will be changing its name. The name "Inner Asylum" will be taken by what is currently Inner Asylum v 2.0. It will reflect other interests, such as cooking, meditation -- in a sense it will reflect the true spirit of an Inner Asylum. The Tripod site is in the baby phase, so feel free to look around and give us comments. Many of our pages will be changed to reflect this, so please be patient with us as we begin making changes.

So, sit back and enjoy. We'll try not to disappoint you. A quick note to previous visitors, we hope this will be the latest and last of a long line of redesigns.

Below you will find a list of all the areas of the Inner Asylum with a general description.

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The Relaxation Room

The Belfry

The Rec Room

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