This is the part of my web-site dedicated to my fictional works. The works shown here are just my short stories. I have several longer novels that are all in stages of completeion. Below the short story list is a few of the small write-ups of the novels I've been working on over the last few years. My novels, in my opinion, are perhaps my better work, as I have spent many years going over them and over them, making corrections and additions to fill them out and make them flow more consistantly.

Currently, there are two complete short stories on this site, and a third will be coming along shortly. These stories are:

Nanook:  This is a dark love story about a dog and his mistress. Marcus was once a man, but now he lives in the form of a dog during the day. He is in love with his owner, with no way to express to her his unrequitted love.

Soft Songs of Sirens:  This is another love story. More of an urban fairytale, Kevin finds the woman of his dreams, only to find out that not everyone is as they really seem to be.

Soon to come! The Tree of Love. This is more of a traditional fairytale with princes, witches and magical things. I found the folder! Now I need to find the time! :P

My Novels

Destiny This is a little bit of a romance novel, a little bit of urban fantasy. I couldn't really separate the two from each other, so I simply left it the way it is.

My Poetry

This is all the poetry I am willing to share. I appologise in advance

So for now, please enjoy the stories and poems here. Feedback is always appreciated, (Unless you're going to be nasty, then please keep your comments to yourself. Or tell a friend, okay? But not me.) as it helps me write better. I have refrained in the past from posting these stories on the internet, but have decided that they have waited too long for their debute. Again, your comments are greatly accepted.

Also, as sad as it is that I *have* to type this, here it goes...

These are my own personal works. As you can see, they have been copyrighted. For those who don't understand what a copyright is, just know that it means you can't steal my work or any part of it for your own use, without my expressed permission. Also understand that if you don't, I am allowed to come after you with my briefcase-toting attorneys. This gets costly for me and for you, not to mention, you'd loose anyways and end up paying me as well as your own legal counsel. Just don't do it, okay? I know it's tempting, but it's my stuff, and that's the way it goes.

Let me know what you think!
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