Victoria's Page of Silly Things

Sometimes, there just isn't a good place to put the things you think are pretty cute, silly or just plain expected. This is my "junk page", rather like one's junk drawer in the kitchen that no one really knows exactly what's in it, and doesn't dare to look...

Unfortunately, my silliness has gotten a little out of hand and has expanded a lot more than I thought it would. And so, since it's Spring, it looks like my Silliness page needs a little cleaning.

I have orgainized it as best I could, so be sure to explore each page to find your favorite if it isn't in the obvious place! :)

Have fun exploring!

Here is where you can find my Spirit Pages for the Site Fights, my pages for the Net Sisters the Ladies Anarchist Sewing Circle and Assasins and Terrorist Society, and my own discussion group and web-ring, The Ethereal Pen.

This is where you can find out alittle bit more about me, my family and the things that we do! : )

This is where you can find my art work, the wonderful art work of Chris Enright and a few border bakground sets that I have created for you to use on your own pages!

And this is just full of mischelaneous fun that had no where else to go. Cyber-pets, Spam, Awards that you can win from me for your web-site! Come in and see what's going on!

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