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April 18th, 2002 OH MY GAWD!  Its an update!  It's actually and update and a little overhaul.  I've added one fic called Sometimes, it's pre-AOTC, our Obi is thinking about Anakin's training.  I've added one link...a shameless self promotion for my own personal webpage.  Hmm...what else...oh, I've cleaned up and I've made the library a little easier to navigate.  At least I think I did! 

Less than a month a away from AOTC, is everyone else excited?  I can't wait, I've been watching the TPM DVD non-stop for the past couple of days.  I've actually been noticing stuff that I never notice before!
January 1st, 2000 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hi all.  I just got home and I though I'd update to say hi and tell you that I swear that I'll be updating soon probably sometime this weekend.  i hope everyone had fun!  New Years here in Toronto was great, the fireworks were amazing.  They lasted quite a long time though, you can probabaly see the  webcast at toronto.com .  I've started up a new site, an X-Men fan fiction site, but there is nothing there yet!  I'm so sick right now, and the night out most likely did not help!  I'm gonna go pass out now!  g'nite!
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22/12/99 Hi everyone!  This isn't an update cos i'm on vacation (visiting mum and dad) right now.  I just wanted everyone to know that I will be putting up some new fic soon.  I realize that I didn't end up updating Aftershocks, and I've also got a couple of other fics to post up, some links to fix, and an award too!  Yea for me!  I just was writing to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and I hope you all have a great new Millennium, I know i spelled that wrong.  I'm supposed to celelbrate Yule/Summer Solistice today but I forgot my book with all the rituals and chat thingees, so I'm feeling pretty dorky, but I've got to help mum and dad prepare for Christmas, with a friggin big ham and a turkey lurkey.  Hang in there I will update soon!
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