Three years ago this page was created, found  by Leni, and so was born the LPFC.

Thank you, Leni, for all you have done, for all you have meant, for all you have taught, but most of all, thank you for. . .
Da'an. He will continue always to exist in the place you wished for him. . .in our hearts and our minds.

Dreams DO come true.     Ro . . .5/23/2001
A Tribute to Leni Parker and
In tribute to Da'an,
who encompasses all that we should be.
Your being. . .your essence. . .calls out to me. All that you are. . .I wish to be.
Do you want to be like me? It seems so at times when you touch your face so tenderly as though you are afraid to damage the fasad you assume. But what are you. . .inside? Are you what you appear? Are you perfection?
There is more, Da'an, to be me than the love you feel eminating in your direction. There is more to being human than you could foresee in your desperate attempt to be "like us".
Once you attain the goal, my greatest fear is that you will no longer be who you are and, in the end. . .we shall both lose.
Do you not realize that you are my dreamworld? All that I dream revolves around you. Your words, your wisdom are not lost on me. I cherish the sound of your voice - even a whisper. The hint of a smile that gently plays across your lips and the eyes that betray tender amusement, I long to see.Your head gently tilted, or eyes slowly lowered to indicate your reflective thought and say nothing in haste, but when you speak. . .there is truth. Your voice fills my soul like a song. It bears me along, no matter the words, to a place I long to be.Your gestures are elegance personified, like silk on a gentle breeze. There is purpose in all you do. No effort is wasted, no gesture, no word. This is how you live in my heart, in my dreamworld. They long for your presence. This for me is. . .All That Is Da'an.
Thoughts on the Real Thing: LENI PARKER
Leni Parker has, through her talent, attained something so few ever will. She has "created" a character that most who watch Earth: Final Conflict, in their heart of hearts, wishes were real. Her ability to make every gesture appear so flawless, so natural, so elegant, has no doubt come from her years of training as a dancer. In this character, she has found perfection. No one, and I mean, NO ONE, could have brought Da'an to life as she has. Leni Parker deserves all the recognition we can give her. She is an amazing lady. I think, I HOPE, we honor her efforts and her accomplishments by seeing, at least in our dreamworlds, Da'an as a living person. She has certainly made him so for me and for many others. Join us in this support of Leni and Earth: Final Conflict. Come, take sides, and enjoy the world that has been created. You deserve the best. . .Leni delivers it!
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