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Welcome to the Stormbolter's Chamber! Inside you will find pictures, ideas, and articles about the GW hobby.

My name is Mike Woodbeck, and I started playing Warhammer in 1984, although, I had been painting miniatures for about a year before that.

For the last 5, or so, years, I have been playing Warhammer, 40k, and other GW games at Hill City Comics, a local GW 'independant retailer', and great supporter of the game. Hill City Comics is a real 'nexus' of miniature painting talent, and some of the nicest painted armies that I have ever seen regularly grace the gaming table there.

The owner of Hill City Comics (Rob Quinn) has gratiously allowed us the use of his brother's awesome digital camera to take pictures of some of the regular player's (including yours truly) armies, with our incredible scenery. He has posted them on his website, and in my opinion, they are some of the best miniature photos on the web!!

To check out the Hill City Comics miniature gallery page, CLICK HERE:

News and Updates:
April 28: Finally, the new Index page is up! Over the next few months I will be adding a whole bunch of new watch for it! I also added a new Gallery page to my site, which will feature pics of my newest paintjobs and projects, and will be updated regularly.

April 30:
Link added to the awesome Hill City Comics miniature Gallery, which includes pictures of my armies, as well as other local painters of renown.
May 19: Added pics of Retribution Class Battleship, and Chaos Despoiler Class Battleship (yes, I have decided to collect a vile, merciless Slaaneshi fleet) to the Gallery.
June 1: Joined the family, and the Adeptus Internautus web ring! To visit them, click on the icon at the top of the screen.
June 20: Added the Battlefleet Gothic section, which will eventually contain new ship types, rules, and a gallery. Also added a new Chaos ship:the Repugnant Class Light Cruiser, as well as an illustrated painting guide for Imperial ships in the BfG section.