We can't tell you who we are.
Or where we live. We forgot.
It's too risky, although we don't know why,
and we've got to be careful. Really careful.
As in step-on-a-crack-and-break-your-back careful!
So we don't trust anyone. Because if they find us.....
I don't know what would happen, but it would probably hurt.
    The thing you should know is that everyone is in really big trouble.
Yeah, even you. And your little dog, too!

-from the back of the 'Animorph' books.Well, not really.

Come and behold the glory of my wasted space!

I am Guardian, and Guardian is me; it often works that way.
I'm an off-and-on fanfic writer who is quite, quite silly and decided she needed a
page to put her sillyness on.
It's quite silly, isn't it?
It better be.

For those of you who don't know, 'Animorphs' is a hit book series by K.A. Applegate.
Of course, there is that HORRIBLE TV show claiming it's Animorphs, but I prefer
to ignore it, it's so screamingly bad.




Here is the repository for the hit "Anidumbpeople" series (well of course it was a hit!  Everyone who read it hit me!).Anidumbpeople is a continuing Animorphs parody, written by myself (aliaguard@oocities.com)
and my enigmatic co-writer Piett (cmuir@ihug.co.nz).

Anidumbpeople: The Stupid One

A new morph-capable human joins the Animorphs, leading to tears, joy, pride, war
and utter stupidity.
Guest Starring Nicholas Cage as the Cow with the PhD in Astrophysics.

Anidumbpeople 1.5

Chester returns in this thrilling epic of power, wealth, romance and whales. Visser Three
hatches a terrible plot, but our new hero returns to save the day.

Anidumbpeople 2: The Rehash

The worst evil ever to grace the world of fanfic has hit: The Visser's Convention.
Only one person could save us now- but Batman was on vacation.
Chester fights bravely to protect the world from devestation, to unite all peoples from
within nation, to let Llamas drink alcohol.
Featuring Matt Damon as Monkey.

Anidumbpeople 3: Ellimists, Pinkeye, and Anidumbpeople, Oh My!

Swirling cosmic powers invade our world, much like pie. The world's Greatest
Evil (next to the Spice Girls) picks a champion from our ranks. He alone
can play the Dark Game, win, and still come out sharp 'n' shiny!
Meanwhile, the Anidumbpeople try and find someone who can match Chester's
wit, wisdom and skill whilst he is off battling. Who will it be?
(Clue: Not Ed Asner)

Here's my range of other fanfics, written by me and other people.

#Animorphs In Wonderland

When you go onto IRC and #Animorphs, you'll meet some strange, wacky
people who really should be in rubber rooms. When my friend SilverDragon (Axy14@yahoo.com)
and I had a silly idea of what would happen when some of the chatgoers met the Animorphs,
we somehow turned it into a fanfic.....
Danny DeVito as Chee-Dolus.

 Take These Broken Wings

Part Two: Consumed

This story I refer to as my 'behemoth'. I got an idea earlier in the year- 'What is going
to happen? What if...' and this story got spawned.
Tobias tells the story of his life.
Mature readers only, puh-leeze.

And The Ancient Empty Streets

Brian Meyers (brian419@flash.net)
I first read this story on the Chee Database message board. I wuv this fanfic, give a hand
to Brian! (takes off her hand and gives it to Brian) Oh, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha I'm lame.
Rachel's family gets infested, and Rachel decides she can't handle it anymore.

The Betrayal

CobraGirl (Cobra-Girl@usa.net)
The first Animorph fanfic I ever read was by her. They just keep on getting better 'n better, CG :)
An old friend of the Animorphs shows up, wanting revenge.

The Unnamed

Another fic by me, about the first member of a species created to die for the ones they guard.
Charmed Life's prequel.
(This is dedicated to Alex Mien, half-brother, ally, general annoyance, and inspiration :)

Lost and Found

A really, really, really whacked 'fic by me. It's a Rachel story.

The Night

Rb - (Rbooks5678@aol.com)
Tracie - (Kitan25@aol.com)
Forlay -( inkypa@yahoo.com)
A fanfic by three people, about Rachel and Tobias (I'm a sucker for this sort.) after the last line in #23.
I love this fanfic, honestly. Write morreeeeee! *whines for a few hours*

The Sorcery Chronicles

The Sorcerer   The Prophecy   The Parasite   The Conflict   The Insult   The War

Patchboy - (patchboy@hotmail.com)

Good Gravy! Look at all the fanfics THIS guy churned out! And I thought TTBW was a behemoth!
These fanfics are about a guy named Kyle, a sorcerer who joins the Animorphs.
Exceptionally well-written. *slips Patchboy a coupla bucks* Now, just ghost-write my next-
Oh, oops, are we still on the air? *winces* I mean, uh, good job.....

Charmed Life

As The Sun Rises...
...And As It Sets

My second behemoth. Carter Miene had a relatively normal life - well, as about as normal
as you can get when your mother died before you were born and you life in your father's head-
until the day she finally woke up... and discovered her short life was about to be torn to shreds.
Dedicated to the people I love best in this world. You know who you are.
Ma-chuar readers, puh-leeze.


Yay! I finally have my 'Tobias and Rachel Quote Page' up! Go here!

Also, I have a page up about the strange and sick people who haunt the #Animorphs chat.
Click here.....

Go to my RUMOR page!

NO! Don't leave! Please, I'm beggin' ya! Nuts.

Every character here that doesn't belong to K.A. Applegate or the other authors
belongs to me and only me, forever and ever and ever.

Comments? Flames? Large piles of rotten tomatoes to throw?
E-mail aliaguard@oocities.com

 Crystal Jupiter. Yay.

This Aniphiction site owned by Guardian.

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