The last of the firstcomer's children found themselves in the snow. Most of their brethren had traveled south, fleeing the age of ice that was slowly encroaching. But a special group of   determined High One's and their offspring refused to leave the magnificent starhome that had faithfully brought them here.

But eventually they saw that even they could not stand against the unchanging winter, and sought a way to leave since the time for safe travel had long passed. They shaped a great "palace" of their own from the very stone of the frozen mountains, and taking a great amount of the magic crystal that composed the original palace with them, they rose into the skies. Thus are the beginnings of the tribe of SkyHaven.

Welcome to my Holt! This is SkyHaven, and you are welcome here. Feel free to Create your own elf, browse the pages, or just contact me on what you think.

** Currently I am looking for people to fill the Celestial Elite! **

If you want an elder position, get your application in to me soon because their are only a limited amount of those types around SkyHaven.

I am looking for people to play male characters in SkyHaven. I will be more lenient on male character-applications for this purpose in the time being, and I will also be scrutinizing females more closely.

No more Healers for this tribe. You may no longer apply for the healing magic- we have four elves who can use it, and that is almost too much.