Gargoyles, Mythos and Legends of Castles Wyvern and Moray

The Manhattan Clan has many allies and enemies. Eventually the immortal MacBeth by the end of Season 2 was seen to be an enemy turned ally. Revisit Gargoyles through the files of two associates (fancharacters) who know the gargoyles and their allies via MacBeth. One is Time Lady Ray Vitreum, regenerated as a Gargoyle, and through forensic chemist and antiques expert Dr. Marianne Ellis. One is in search of the Phoenix Gate, while the other is a descendent of the Children of Oberon in exile. One has joined the Manhattan Clan at Castle Wyvern, while the other assists Arthur Pendragon in his quest for Merlin using the armor of St. George. Their two accounts are below

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Marianne's Forensics Lab
Dr. Vitreum's Time Gate
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