Thanks for stopping by, here's what I look like:

Hey Thanks for stopping by. I haven't really changed much in the past couple of weeks or so, but I have come up with some ideas for pages that I plan on putting up. I will soon have a page dedicated to Pink Floyd (maybe just The Wall, I haven't decided) and this weekend I should have my first Riff of the Month for anyone who wants to learn how to play guitar. I have slowly been updating my Albums page, so feel free to check my reviews of differant CD's. I have also taken a bunch of pictures of me and my friends, but we haven't developed the film yet. Check back soon for that. I just bought the new Pantera album and am thinking about making a Page dedicated to them. Dimebag, thier guitarists, is just too damn cool. I have written another song that I will put up here as soon as I record it, but I don't really want to get around to programming the damn drum machine. Because I am planning on making a couple of new pages, the ones I have now won't be updated for a while, even though I really want to improve the clown page. As always, if you have any ideas on how I can improve my websight, let me know by either signing my guestbook (I would prefer this. . . no one ever signs that thing) or E-mailing me. You can find both my guest book and my E-mail adress at the bottom of this page. Also, I have developed a new love of midi files, as you may notice while looking around. If you want any of the songs to stop, all you have to do is hit the stop button on your browser.

Below are my pages that I have started. Although none of them are anywhere near complete, their is enough there to make them worth checking out. Especially the clown page.

Because I am a dork, I spent about three hours one night on spring break and recorded the following song. I am playing all of the instruments and wrote the music myself. To check it out, click here. It is a four minute long MP3, so it may take a while. I am planning on putting up a better version of it later, because this one has a few mistakes. Any, please sign my guest book and let me know what you think of it. I am also planning on having a few more songs performed by me and my friends, so check back soon. Anyway, here are my pages:

  • My links page. A few links to pages that I find interesting.
  • My album review. A list of every CD I own and a brief review of what I think of each one.
  • My profile page. A very incomplete page all about myself
  • My top five page. Top five lists of various topics.
  • My evil clown page. I really hate clowns. They are so scary. This page is dedicated to letting people see why no one should ever trust a clown.

    Other Items I plan on including are a more detailed links page, a scrapbook of pictures of me and my friends, and just a general improvement on everything here.

    Please sign my Guestbook Pretty Please. Just so I know I have some friends.
    Or feel free to just view it. (you really should sign it, though)
    Feel free to E-mail me if you feel the need to get ahold of me.