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You walk into the DragonHaven's Dragonseye Tower and are set upon by a smiling woman. She looks like the type of woman you would like to call "Grandma", with her old face and beaming smile, and is clutching a tray on which a pie is sitting, piping hot. Your tongue waters; behind you, where you tied your horse, you hear a bell-like whinny and nearly turn to see what is happening, but the old lady draws you aside. You thought she had looked normal enough, but now you notice that her eyes are a pale purple!

"Welcome to the Dragonhaven, weary traveller. Would you care for a cup of tea, or a piece of warm pie? We've an extra bed to spare, and a stable to house your horse for the night.

"Oh, of course there are better rides to be had than a normal nag. We have some very young unicorn foals... a griffin chick... a couple of dragonets... and a sea serpent calf... they are requesting Bondmates, and a couple of them want Journeymates... you know, nothing too serious on their part. Would you be interested?"

This is the DragonHaven RPG, an original club in which you can interact with other players. You create a persona, a character you can act through, and earn ranks, meet new people, and explore a vast fantasy landscape in a fantastic battle between good and evil... and for very survival.

And for all this, you say, it must cost something? No. It doesn't cost one penny! All for free, and all for fun.

This club was derived from Pernese RP clubs. Tired of having to live in a strictly copyrighted environment, where one accident meant legal problems, and in a world where I did not believe in the moral values, I have created much more safe place for kids to see. Younger kids may also join with a parent's consent.

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Firstly, I would like to thank Steven Savage for his help in this webpage's design!

Please go to The Gather of Interests, the DragonHaven's sister site! Also, see the not-yet moved DragonHaven site Here. (MIDI music is playing on nearly every page, so please turn down your speakers; I'm revamping these pages, so they should be finished soon enough.)