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The Thunderbolts ThunderBolts: Seduction of Good dedicated to the Marvel comic, with an interest in the Redeemers and the V-Battalion.

They were the world's latest super hero team! But the truth was revealed -- they were secretly the Masters of Evil! Then they achieved the impossible -- redemption and an official pardon for their past crimes! Is freedom the end of their story -- or just the beginning?

While the first seventy-five issues of the title focused on the Thunderbolts, afterward it was about Daniel Axum who was involved with an underground fighting league. The title was Thunderbolts in name only, the new direction only lasting six issues as the title ended with issue #81.

The Avengers/Thunderbolts mini-series continued the adventures of the Thunderbolts with the previous members of the team. After the events of the mini-series that Thunderbolts have been reborn now led by Abe Jenkins (Mach IV, formely the beetle) in the new series New Thunderbolts.

Current Thunderbolts Features

Version 4Version 4: Over 125 pages of Thunderbolts related information. The members section is in the process of being upgraded again! Atlas, Hawkeye, Moonstone, Songbird, and Mach-3 have updated bio's so far.
HawkeyeHawkeye: Bio update, from former avenger to leader of the Thunderbolts, and outlaw with the Chain Gang. Mach-3Mach-3: Bio update, from Abe's time as the Beetle to his evolution with the Thunderbolts and his time on Counter-Earth.

Current Issue - New Thunderbolts #1

One Step Forward...

Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Voice of Reason: Kurt Busiek
Pencils: Tom Grummett
Inks: Gary Erskine
Colours: Chris Sotomayor
Letters: Comicraft

New Thunderbolts #1 Cover

Updated November 21, 2004

  • Added the latest preview information.
November 17, 2003
  • Summary of New Thunderbolts #1.
  • Added Cover for New Thunderbolts #1.

For a full list of updates check the What's new section.

"Fight Club" Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts #76 cover
Thunderbolts #76
Thunderbolts #77
Thunderbolts #78
Thunderbolts #79
Thunderbolts #80
Thunderbolts #81

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