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construc.gif Construction disclaimer

Welcome to my homepage. Although it is probably obvious, this is my first attempt to put together and maintain a homepage. Therefore, a lot of pages will be less more than guinea pigs to try my HTML skills. If you think it needs improvement, don't hesitate to let me know by E-mail. In the meantime, I will just update aspects of the site whenever I have the spare time and energy to do so. As it turns out, there have not been that many opportunities recently.

Page info

On these pages, there will not be that much of interest to you. The main purpose of the pages is that of a homepage, presenting information on me. This way I don't have to tell the same stuff over and over again when meeting new people. I can just give them my URL. What is even more fun for all you nosy people, is a chance to find stuff you have never even heard of. Yes, it is all on this wondrous work of self glorifying and nostalgic walks through history.

Spare time

In my spare time, I have plenty of hobbies to keep me busy. My hobbies each have their own page or even pages. I have listed them in alphabetical order. Just check them out and who knows, maybe you will find something of interest.


Check out the Kult Geography page, with a list of geographical info on people interested in playing the Kult RPG or CCG.

Waste of time?

If you think visiting this page was a total waste of time, have some fun at my girlfriend's IRC trivia channel on Dalnet: #Just_Some_Trivia. You'll be in for a big challenge. (when Dalnet is down, the channel can usually be found on Undernet)

Free plug

When you're online, you've got the power to help out friends and family by giving them some free publicity. So, a non-sponsored (Dutch) message because I'm in a good mood: kijk voor car audio en auto hifi eens op http://hifiworld.nl/ :)

Most recent changes

February 7th
Removed Euroclix banner, added link to Hifi World
November 11st
Updated Kult and Imajica tradelist, removed Magic tradelists (extremely outdated)
September 21st
Added Google search

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